Best* Planted Aquarium Light of 2022

Shine a light on all your options as you search for the best fit for your aquarium..

Light Wattage Dimensions LEDs Avg. Review*
Fluval Fresh and Plant 3.0 LED Light Fixture, 32 Watt 32W 24” to 36" 168 4.6/5
Aqueon Live Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED Fixture 13W 7 L” X 8” W X 4.75” H 60 4.3/5
Aqueon Optibright LED Light Fixtures, Adjustable 18-24” L 16W 18” to 24” 3.9/5
Fluval Fresh and Plant 3.0 LED Light Fixture, 46 Watt 46 36” to 48” 252 4.6/5
Dennerle Nano Style LED Light, 3 Watt 3, 6 2” L X 3.25” H X 6.25”W No reviews yet
Fluval Fresh and Plant 3.0 LED Light Fixture, 59 Watt 59 48” to 60” 336 4.6/5

*Ratings as of April 6, 2022

Fluval Fresh and Plant 3.0 LED Light Fixture, 32 Watt

Fluval Fresh and Plant 3.0 LED Light Fixture, 32 Watt

One of the most fun things about planted aquariums is the amount of creativity and customization they allow. If you’re all about the details, this just might be the best planted aquarium light for you. Its 24-hour light cycle settings mimic natural light as it changes throughout the day, with simulations for sunrise, midday, sunset and night. There are six individual band waves and even pre-sets for specific habitats. Even the positioning options are versatile—this aquarium light can be mounted on the aquarium or suspended above it (with the purchase of a hanging kit). And extendable mounting brackets accommodate different aquarium widths. Smartphone app integration means you can program or change the aquarium lighting from out of the house too.

  • Mobile device control with Fluval SmartAPP
  • 24-hour natural light simulation
  • Optional pre-set habitat configurations
  • Low heat emission for energy efficiency&
  • Fits aquariums 24 to 34 inches long
  • 32 watts

Aqueon Live Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED Fixture

Aqueon Live Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED Fixture

Bells and whistles can be nice—but so can simple, straightforward and effective planted aquarium lighting. This clip-on LED plant aquarium light can be used with framed or frameless aquariums. Its 60 bright LEDs can be configured three ways through soft-touch control, allowing for all light, blue light or no light. Its thin, light construction means you get all the light power you need without unnecessary bulk, and it works for aquariums of up to 20-gallons. Easy installation, simple construction and strong, long-lasting lighting—it’s the most uncomplicated approach to fish tank lights you can take.

  • Clip-on design
  • Works with framed or frameless aquariums
  • 3-way lighting control
  • Good for aquariums up to 20-gallons

Aqueon Optibright LED Light Fixtures, Adjustable 18-24” L

Aqueon Optibright LED Light Fixtures, Adjustable 18-24” L

Its profile is slim, but this aquarium plant light has all the power you need for low- or medium-light level plants. The design is sleek and streamlined, with extendable legs that allow it to integrate with aquariums of varying lengths from 18- to 24-inches. Waterproof touch controls—which can be used independently or simultaneously—enable you to configure its white, red and blue LEDs for bright daytime light or cool blue moon-mimicking nighttime light. This adjustable aquarium plant light can be used with both freshwater and saltwater fish.

  • Slim and low-profile construction
  • Adjustable legs for aquariums 18- to 24-inches long
  • Waterproof touch controls for day and night simulation
  • Good for freshwater or saltwater fish&
  • Good for low to medium light level plants

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Fluval Fresh and Plant 3.0 LED Light Fixture, 46 Watt

From the types of plants in your aquarium to the fish that call it home, there are seemingly endless opportunities to make a statement with your underwater habitat. One of the ways you can express your creativity is through the size of your aquarium. A bigger tank means room for more plants, the possibility of more fish—and, of course, you’ll need a bigger fish tank plant light with higher wattage. Fluval’s planted aquarium lighting system has all the same customizable options as their smaller light, but with a 46-watt output and extendable legs to fit aquariums 36- to 48-inches wide. A programmable 24-hour light cycle, 6-band waves and smartphone app integration give you artistic control over your aquarium lighting.

  • Mobile device control with Fluval SmartAPP
  • Realistic day and night lighting
  • Three optional pre-set light habitats
  • 120º of illumination from each LED
  • Fits aquariums 36- to 48-inches long
  • 46 watts

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Dennerle Nano Style LED Light, 3 Watt

Small, slim and uncomplicated, this LED plant aquarium light is all the illumination you need for your small fish tank. It’s best for tiny habitats of up to 2.5-gallons, but it still provides 120º of illumination, and its long-lasting LEDs mean plenty of life and plenty of energy-saving potential. Installation is easy with a simple clip-on design.

  • Good for small habitats up to 2.5-gallons
  • Easy clip-on installation
  • Slim and compact
  • 120º of LED illumination
  • For freshwater aquariums
  • 3 watts

Fluval Fresh and Plant 3.0 LED Light Fixture, 59 Watt

Fluval Fresh and Plant 3.0 LED Light Fixture, 59 Watt

Do you have big dreams for a deluxe aquarium? You’ll need a powerful and reliable planted aquarium lighting system to bring your vision to life. This fish tank plant light can extend from 48-inches to a whopping 60-inches, making it one of the best planted aquarium lights for tanks up to 5-feet long. You won’t have to sacrifice effectiveness for size, though. This Fluval light has the same 24-hour light cycle simulation and optional habitat light pre-sets as smaller models. It can be mounted directly on your aquarium or suspended above it with the help of a suspension kit (sold separately). Smartphone app integration allows you to dim, brighten or change the tone of your aquarium light even while you’re at work or on vacation. And because of its energy-saving LED technology, you can expect up to 50,000 hours of use from this fish tank plant light.

  • Fits aquariums 48- to 60-inches long
  • Mobile device control with Fluval SmartAPP
  • 50,000 hours of use
  • Programmable 24-hour light cycle
  • 6-band waves
  • IP67 waterproof rating

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Learn More About Planted Aquarium Lights

As any pet parent knows, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to the many types of pet equipment. The best planted aquarium light for your fish’s habitat depends on the size and style of your tank and how it’s situated inside your home. In addition to wattage and size, you should think about the type of light installation that makes the most sense for your home. You may prefer a light that can be mounted directly on the aquarium or even a clip-on style. You may prefer a light that is suspended from above. It’s also a good idea to consider what level of customization you want from your aquarium lighting. If you prefer the ability to make subtle changes and control the tone of the light, look for a more deluxe model. If you prefer a straightforward and uncomplicated approach, find an aquarium plant light with fewer customization options. The best planted aquarium light for you integrates best with your aquarium setup and your personal preferences.

Yes, LED lights can be used for aquarium lighting. LED plant aquarium light is one of the most popular choices for people setting up a planted aquarium. LED aquarium lighting is long-lasting, consistent and energy-efficient, and it even allows for the possibility of detailed customization options in some cases. Check out Petco’s popular LED fish tank lights to find the best style for you.

An LED plant aquarium light is a great choice for the plants in your aquarium. LED emits long-lasting and frequently customizable illumination. However, it’s important to find LEDs that use the correct spectrum of light to help your plants grow. All the LED fish tank lights offered by Petco emit a plant-friendly light spectrum and are specifically designed to be compatible with planted aquariums.

It’s important to make sure the plants in your aquarium have a chance to thrive so they can provide a good environment for your fish. Because of this, determining what type of lighting and wattage you need from your planted aquarium lighting is one of the most important steps you can take. There isn’t a firm rule about the exact size of light or number of watts you should look for in an aquarium light, as variables including the shape and depth of your tank, the type of light used and the needs of your plants will all affect how strong a light you need. A good general guideline is to plan for at least 2 watts per gallon of tank size in your planted aquarium.

The best light for aquarium plants is a specifically calibrated light with the correct illumination spectrum for plant growth. However, additional customization can be provided by using colored lights to enhance or highlight the appearance of your underwater plants. Some styles of LED plant aquarium light, including several available at Petco, provide the option of customized lighting to subtly change the mood or tone of your fish habitat. Light color and intensity may also be changed to mimic different times of day or night and help your plants achieve optimal growth.

*Based on sales data.