Best* Guinea Pig Cages of 2022

Give your adorable guinea pig a happy home with a spacious and secure guinea pig habitat.


Pet Parent Faves

Petco’s pet parent customers have spoken, and these are some of the best guinea pig cages available. Each habitat offers unique benefits that can make it a great home for your pet.

WARE Small Animal Habitat

Best Guinea Pig Starter Habitat


Small Animal Habitat

For the pet parent wanting to choose their own accessories, the WARE Small Animal Habitat may be the ideal starter home for your guinea pig. This good guinea pig cage boasts a simple design that is easy-to-assemble by snapping together. The wire top allows for ample ventilation and the deep base helps prevent messes. The habitat comes in three fun colors to give a further customized feel. Add a small animal playpen to extend your furry friend’s living space and help keep them physically active

  • 28.25” L X 17.25” W X 15.5” H
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Bottom comes off for easy cleaning
  • Choose from blue, teal or purple

You & Me Guinea Pig Starter Kit

Best Guinea Pig Starter Kit

You & Me

Guinea Pig Starter Kit

The You & Me Guinea Pig Starter Kit is an excellent way to bundle most of the essentials needed for your new pet’s home. The guinea pig habitat features a deep base to prevent spillage, with a snap-on wire top to keep your pet secure yet provide plenty of ventilation. The kit comes with a water bottle, food bowl, bedding and a small bag of chew sticks. It also includes a ramp with second-level platform that adds vertical space for your guinea pig to explore and use for exercise.

  • 29” L X 18” W X 15” H
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Comfort shelf keeps food free of bedding
  • Multiple attaching points for accessories
  • Detachable base for easier cleaning

Kaytee My First Home Guinea Pig Starter Kit


My First Home Guinea Pig Starter Kit

This easy-to-assemble kit covers most of the essentials needed to get started when a guinea pig joins your family. The single-story habitat includes a deep plastic base with chew-proof locks to secure the wire top. The kit includes the tall guinea pig cage, bedding, water bottle, food dish and a rebate for up to $10 off a bag of Kaytee guinea pig food. This is a great option when it comes to a starter home for your companion.

  • 30” L X 18” W X 16.5” H
  • No tools required to assemble
  • Deep plastic base prevents scattered bedding
  • Enjoy up to $10 rebate off Kaytee guinea pig food

Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage

Best Extra-Large Guinea Pig Habitat


Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage

For the ultimate guinea pig haven, the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus provides plenty of room for your furry friend to explore and exercise. This is also one of the best guinea pig cages for two pets. The habitat is relatively easy-to-assemble with no tools and can also fold flat for storage. The leak-proof canvas bottom is washable, and the top provides ventilation and includes multiple accessible doors. This habitat comes with a divider and ramp to section your pet off to a smaller area if needed or allow them access to the entire enclosure. The divider ramps can also allow you to create different compartments within the habitat—such as feeding, sleeping and play areas.

  • 47” L X 24” W X 14” H
  • Foldable for easy travel
  • Leak-proof bottom
  • Washable bottom for easy cleaning

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Learn More About Guinea Pig Cages

There is no best guinea pig cage for all cavies or all pet parents. However, there are several good guidelines to follow when choosing one. The most important guideline is to invest in large guinea pig cages that provide enough space for your guinea pig to move, play and exercise.

Guinea pigs are one of the largest animals of the rodent family and they need room to stretch their legs. If their habitat is too small, your cavie could grow bored or depressed and may even develop certain health conditions—including heart disease, diabetes or bumblefoot. A habitat for a single guinea pig should be a minimum of 7.5 square feet. Two guinea pigs should ideally have 10.5 square feet of habitat space. The size of the habitat should increase for each additional guinea pig you add.

A good guinea pig cage will also include enough space to create different areas within the habitat. Guinea pigs usually do best when they have separate spaces for nesting, playing and eating, as well as a separate bathroom area.

Additionally, make sure the habitat offers good ventilation. Choose a habitat with a wire bar top. If you don’t have other pets that could consider your guinea pigs to be prey, you can even have an open-top habitat—as long as the bottom is deep enough.

To make life easier for you, consider selecting a guinea pig habitat with water-proof flooring. Many habitats also include easily detachable tops which can make cleaning the habitat and interacting with your pet easier.

Finally, glass aquariums and plastic tubs are not considered an appropriate habitat for guinea pigs. You’ll also want avoid guinea pig habitats with wire flooring. Your cavie’s small feet could get stuck between the bars, injuring your pet’s leg.

Guinea pigs require a lot of space to move and exercise. If you don’t have a lot of horizontal space to spare, are multi-level guinea pig cages a good idea? It depends. Unlike many of their other rodent cousins, guinea pigs don’t climb or jump very well. If you do invest in a tall guinea pig cage, make sure to add low and wide ramps with a gentle incline to the habitat. The right type of ramps can allow your guinea pigs to take advantage of vertical platforms. This can encourage your cavies to move and exercise more. You can also put their food and water dishes on an upper platform to prevent their bedding from getting into the bowls.

Of course, even if you choose to bring home a multi-level guinea pig habitat for your pet, the emphasis should still be on providing as much floor space as possible. Guinea pigs feel most comfortable on the ground. This is also why it is a good idea to take your guinea pig out of their habitat every day for some roaming time. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your pet, but it also gives them more exercise and mental stimulation.

When determining where to place your guinea pig habitat, the recommended solution is to find a place where your pets will be as secure and comfortable as possible. Placing your guinea pig habitat on the floor can be a good choice if you can provide a secure environment for your pet. This will also likely allow you to invest in a larger habitat if you want to buy a guinea pig cage for two. However, if you have small children in the home or any pets—like cats or dogs—that may see your guinea pigs as prey, then you’ll want to keep your cavie habitat out of their reach.

Other things to consider when finding the right spot for your guinea pig habitat are to avoid placing them in areas with a lot of noise, which can cause your cavies stress. Keep their habitats out of the laundry room and away from speakers. Guinea pigs can’t sweat and are susceptible to heat stroke, so keep their habitat away from heating vents, windows with direct sunlight or the fireplace. Finally, keep in mind that guinea pigs are social creatures and enjoy being part of the family. Consider keeping them in a family room where they can be part of the action. Just remember that guinea pigs—like you—need down time. Wherever you place their habitat, provide quiet time each day so your cavies can relax.

*Based on sales data.