Best* Cat Shampoo

Keep your cat fresh and clean with a variety of cat shampoos, conditioners and waterless alternatives. These solutions are the ones pet parents reach for most often when it comes to bath time for their kitty.


Pet parent faves

Petco has a great selection of cat shampoos and conditioners to help promote a sweet-smelling, silky coat. We also carry specialty cleansers that have antifungal properties, as well as treatments for parasite infestation. Here are some of our best-selling cat shampoos.

Earthbath Road Trippin' Gray Car Booster Seat


Oatmeal and Aloe Vanilla and Almond Pet Shampoo

As one of our sustainable brands, Earthbath believes in using high-quality ingredients that are gentle and less likely to upset your cat’s delicate pH. This formula uses natural ingredients to achieve its vanilla almond scent, as well colloidal oatmeal and organic aloe vera to help soothe itchy or irritated skin. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Available in 16 fl. oz. recyclable bottles
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Sulfate and paraben-free
  • Soap-free and pH balanced
  • All organic ingredients
  • Animal cruelty-free
  • Designed to not affect topical treatments
  • Contains no DEA, phosphates, enzymes or synthetic dyes

TropiClean Dander-Reducing Waterless Shampoo for Cats


Dander-Reducing Waterless Shampoo for Cats

Dander is a common culprit of cat allergies. TropiClean offers this waterless cat dandruff shampoo to help remove the offending dander and provide allergy relief. You simply apply it to your cat’s coat and follow up with a thorough brushing—no need to rinse. This formula uses coconut water for a fresh scent and contains oatmeal and cucumber extract.

  • Available in 7.4 fl. oz. bottles
  • pH balanced
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free of dyes and parabens
  • For felines over 12 weeks old

Well & Good Oatmeal Cat Shampoo

Well & Good

Oatmeal Cat Shampoo

The Well & Good brand provides quality products to your pet at a lower price point. This vanilla and almond-scented cat shampoo contains wholesome oatmeal extract, as well as soothing coconut and aloe vera to help prevent dry skin.

  • Available in 8 fl. oz. bottles
  • Only available at Petco
  • Designed to gently cleanse and deodorize
  • Free of chemical dyes
  • For use of cats over 12 weeks old

Well & Good 2-in-1 Cat Shampoo and Conditioner for Cats

Well & Good

2-in-1 Cat Shampoo and Conditioner for Cats

This Well & Good formula is a sweet coconut scented shampoo and conditioner combo to help speed up bath time. A great cat shampoo option for dry and brittle coats, long-haired cats or any feline wanting to achieve a smooth and glossy coat.

  • Available in 8 fl. oz. bottles
  • Contains cleansers derived from coconut
  • Free of chemical dyes
  • Moisturizing
  • For cats over 12 weeks old

Well & Good Waterless Cat Shampoo

Well & Good

Waterless Cat Shampoo

Well & Good understands that some cats just will not tolerate suds. This waterless spray can be used on both wet and dry coats. It contains horsetail, lemongrass and rosemary extracts, and smells like clean, fresh linen. Spray cleansers are convenient and effective.

  • Available in 8 fl. oz. spray bottles
  • No need to rinse
  • Convenient
  • Free of chemical dyes
  • For cats over 12 weeks old

Well & Good Tearless Shampoo for Kittens

Well & Good

Tearless Shampoo for Kittens

Do you worry about accidentally getting shampoo in your kitten’s eyes during bath time? Well & Good’s tearless formula can help reduce the chances of irritation. It cleans, deodorizes and leaves a Calming Waters scent, making snuggle time with your kitty even more enjoyable.

  • Available in 8 fl. oz. bottles
  • Specially formulated for kittens ages 12 weeks and up
  • Contains soothing ingredients
  • Free of chemical dyes
  • Contains vitamins E and B

TropiClean Kiwi and Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Conditioner for Pets


Kiwi and Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Conditioner for Pets

If you own a long-haired feline, you know how quickly their wild mane can become matted. Using a conditioner after cat shampoo can help soften, smooth and make brushing a lot easier. TropiClean’s kiwi and cocoa butter blend can be used on both cats and dogs to help tame their fur and leave them smelling like a delicious fruit smoothie.

  • Available in 20 fl. oz. bottles
  • Free of soaps
  • Cruelty-free
  • Contains naturally derived ingredients
  • For cats and dogs over 12 weeks old

Furbliss Long-hair Grooming Starter Kits for Pets


Long-hair Grooming Starter Kits for Pets

Furbliss has designed a kit that contains all the essentials needed for maintenance grooming. It’s a great all-in-one solution. It contains a brush designed for long hair, two bottles of shampoo, calming spray, conditioner and refreshing spray.

  • Sizes include 2 oz. shampoos and conditioner and 4 oz. sprays
  • Designed for both cats and dogs
  • Brush can be used on either wet or dry coat
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case
  • Groomer-recommended

Well & Good Prostyle Shed-Reducing Cat and Dog Shampoo

Well & Good

Prostyle Shed-Reducing Cat and Dog Shampoo

Shedding is a frustrating and never-ending nuisance to many pet parents, but there are ways to reduce the amount of fluff that sticks to your entire household. Well & Good’s Prostyle formula helps discard loose undercoat hairs in the bath instead of on any soft surface.

  • Available in 18 fl. oz. bottles
  • Cruelty-free
  • Contains human-grade ingredients
  • Can be used for both cats and dogs
  • Paraben-free

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Learn More About Cat Shampoo

The National Cat Groomer of America’s suggestion is to bathe your cat every 4 to 6 weeks. However, each cat has unique requirements, so this shouldn't be considered a hard and fast rule. When deciding how often your cat needs to be bathed, some questions to consider are:

  • Does my cat go outside?
  • Do my cat’s mobility and weight allow them to reach all the pertinent areas when grooming themselves?
  • Does anyone in my home have cat sensitivities?
  • Does my cat like to investigate hidey-holes and crevices in my home that are dirty and dusty?

If your cat has special skin conditions or health problems, consult your veterinarian for a recommendation. And check out our cat grooming and bathing section for all your feline’s grooming needs.

You should use shampoos and cleansers that are formulated for cats, or for both cats and dogs. Since every species’ pH level is different, using your personal hygiene solutions on your cat could cause irritation. Certain ingredients and essential oils in human grooming tools can also be toxic to your feline and make them sick. It’s always best to stick with a cat shampoo because it was designed for them.

Just like humans, all cats have different hair and skin needs. When it comes to veterinarian-approved solutions, it’s best to go right to the source and ask your cat’s vet what they recommend. They know your pet’s unique needs.

They may also prescribe certain shampoos and cleansers for your cat’s skin. They may suggest antifungal shampoo for cats who suffer from topical skin infections, or cat allergy shampoo for felines with sensitivities. Ask your vet to take out the guesswork.

Petco offers veterinary services. Simply book an appointment online at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center. We also offer grooming appointments. And for new pet parents, check out our New Cat Owner Guide. We also have a How To Care For Your Cat Guide that can help you establish the best routines for your kitty.

*Based on sales data.