Best* Cat Scratching Posts

Does your cat scratch up your furniture, carpets or curtains? Scratching is a natural behavior for cats—but can be a nuisance for pet parents. If you’re wondering how to get a cat to stop scratching, it may be time to look at our best-selling cat scratching posts.. This simple piece of furniture helps your cat fulfill their need to scratch.


Pet parent faves

These best-selling cat scratching posts are the ones most frequently purchased by Petco’s pet parent customers, and they encompass a wide range of styles, materials and price points.

Midwest Forte Grand Scratching Post


Forte Grand Scratching Post

If your cat is tall or long, this could be the one for them. The tallest on our list—at nearly 3.5-feet—this scratching post has an extra-wide base to help keep it sturdy. The plush fabric entices your cat while the sisal wrapping satisfies their nail grooming needs. The large size is also great for big cats or multiple cats.

  • 41-inches high
  • Ultra-soft brown faux fur that easily wipes clean
  • Sisal-wrapped support for scratching

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post


Ultimate Scratching Post

This scratching post gets rave reviews for being well-crafted, heavy and durable. It has a sturdy construction that doesn’t wobble, thanks to a specially designed base. At 2.5-feet high, it’s another one of our best-selling cat scratching posts for taller felines.

  • 32-inches high
  • Made of durable woven sisal
  • Sturdy base helps eliminate wobbling
  • Assembles easily with two included screws

Kitty City Scratch Perch for Cats

Kitty City

Scratch Perch for Cats

Your kitty doesn’t just need to scratch—they also need to play and perch. This scratching post has a fun jingle ball toy to attract them, plus a soft, carpeted cover on top for perching. The sturdy brown base complements wood floors, and the neutral colors fit any décor.

  • 32-inches high
  • Made of premium woven sisal
  • Perch holds pets up to 40 lbs.
  • 6-month limited warranty for missing or damaged parts

EveryYay Scratchin' the Surface Cat Scratcher with Toys


Scratchin' the Surface Cat Scratcher with Toys

Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a cat scratcher? This option from EveryYay is one of our best-selling cat scratching posts that offers high value for a relatively low price. Made from enticing plush carpet with two feather toys, you’ll love this fun scratching post.

  • 17.5-inches high
  • Two replaceable feather toys
  • Fun design provides a place to both scratch and play

EveryYay Sisal Cat Scratching Post

You & Me

Sisal Cat Scratching Post

Sisal is a yarn-like material made from the leaves of the agave plant. It’s durable and coarse and quickly became a popular material for the best-selling cat-scratching posts to file nails. This option from You & Me is wrapped top-to-bottom in sisal and includes an adorable ball for playtime.

  • 18.75-inches high
  • Made from durable sisal material
  • Gray plaid base is stylish and modern

You & Me  Dual Texture Cat Scratch Post

You & Me

Dual Texture Cat Scratch Post

For some cats, two textures are better than one—and those cats will likely love this cat scratching post from You & Me. The coarse jute on the top helps your cat groom their nails, while the durable carpet on the bottom entices them to knead. It even has a dangling jute ball for playtime.

  • 24.5-inches high
  • Two scratching surfaces to intrigue and satisfy your cat
  • Sturdy base helps to prevent tipping and wobbling
  • Stylish tan and gray contrasting complements your décor

EveryYay Sisal and Seagrass Orb Cat Scratching Post


Sisal and Seagrass Orb Cat Scratching Post

This best-selling cat scratching post provides surfaces for both horizontal and vertical scratchers—even the base is covered in sisal and seagrass. The post has two orb shapes built-in to interest your cat, and there’s a dangling seagrass ball to add a little fun.

  • 18-inches high
  • Free of toxic chemicals and artificial colors
  • Made with renewable sisal and seagrass

You & Me Raised Runway Cat Scratch Post

You & Me

Raised Runway Cat Scratch Post

The best type of scratching post for cats isn’t always obvious—many cats love multiple surfaces and textures, and some even change their minds. That’s why this post has it all—vertical sisal, cardboard and coarse carpet surfaces, plush perches and a dangling feather toy to top it all off. Better yet, the cardboard scratcher is easily replaceable.

  • 21-inches high
  • Supports a maximum pet weight of 25 lbs.
  • Cats can scratch, climb and play all in one place

Trixie DreamWorld Baza Cat Scratching Post


DreamWorld Baza Cat Scratching Post

After a busy day of scratching and playing, your cat needs a place to take a nice, long nap. This option from Trixie has a plush hammock between its two posts that’s perfect for getting cozy—and that makes it one of the best scratching posts for older cats. The attached furry ball matches the theme and provides enrichment.

  • 19.5-inches high
  • Dual posts are wrapped in sisal
  • Ultra-plush, long-haired material on top and bottom

Go Pet Club Classic Gray Cat Tree with Sisal Covered Posts

The Best Cat Carrier for Price:

Go Pet Club

Classic Gray Cat Tree with Sisal Covered Posts

Want to go all out? Sometimes the best-quality cat scratching post isn’t a post at all—it’s a tree. This 5-foot-tall, 3-level play structure has tons of places to play and hide, including ladders, hammocks and platforms. The quiet cubbyhole is the perfect place to nap, and there are sisal-covered posts on every level so your cat can scratch whenever the mood strikes.

  • 62-inches high
  • Made of natural sisal rope and durable MDF boards
  • High-quality faux fur finish
  • Comes with all tools and instructions for easy assembly

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Learn More About Cat Scratching Posts

While your pet may have individual preferences, in general, cats like sturdy scratching posts they can really dig their claws into. Lots of cats find shredding corrugated cardboard satisfying and enjoy carpet-like materials, while sisal and jute provide coarse textures good for grooming nails. If you’re not sure what your cat likes best, try out several different styles to see what they gravitate towards. Learn more in our Cat Scratching Posts and Furniture Guide and check out our New Cat Owner Guide for more keys to having a happy, well-behaved pet.

Many cats prefer having choices when it comes to their scratching posts, so at least two are recommended for a single-cat household. Some cat parents put one in each room to help save their furniture from damage. Make sure they are different styles to provide a little variety. And if you have multiple cats, you’ll usually want at least one post per cat—they’re not fond of sharing. Check out our Cat Care Sheet to see what else you’ll need to get for your cat.

Even the best-selling cat scratching posts will show wear and tear over time, but when to replace them depends on the material. Sisal or jute cat scratchers can last a year or more, while cardboard lasts about 3 or 4 months. The good news is that many cardboard cat scratchers have replaceable inserts, so you can just replace the carboard instead of the entire post.

*Based on sales data.