Best* Betta Fish Tanks

With their long, flowing fins, vibrant colors and low-maintenance needs, live betta fish are a popular choice for beginners. While learning how to take care of a betta fish is relatively easy, it’s important to have the right fish supplies—and one of the most essential is the perfect betta fish tank setup.


Pet parent faves

Here are some of the best betta fish tanks chosen by Petco’s pet parent customers.

Hagen Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit

Best 5-Gallon Betta Fish Tanks:


Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit

With its simple, square design and cube-shaped filter, the Fluval Chi aquarium is one of the most Zen models out there. In fact, it was inspired by Feng Shui to create a beautiful balance of sight and sound. The Fluval Chi looks great as a desktop office fish tank or in any smaller space.

  • 5-gallon aquarium
  • 14.4” L X 16.9” H X 14.3” W
  • Top LED light and up-light for a gentle glow
  • Includes powerful filter and media

Hagen Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, Black


Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, Black

The long, narrow design makes this an ideal betta fish tank, as the species loves to explore along the top of the water and even has a special organ that allows them to take in surface air. The unique shape also works well in small spaces, while the sleek top light and filter design look good with any home décor.

  • 5-gallon aquarium
  • 20.5” L X 11.6” H X 7.5” W
  • Extra-long LED lamp includes 37 lights to fully illuminate your aquarium
  • Includes filter and three-stage filtration media

Aqueon Black LED MiniBow SmartClean Kit


Black LED MiniBow SmartClean Kit

The elevated base with a bowed front and seamless edges of this betta fish tank give it a stylish look, but it doesn’t just look good—it’s functional too. This aquarium makes caring for your betta easier with its SmartClean technology, which allows you to perform water changes in 2 minutes or less.

  • 5-gallon aquarium
  • 15.5” L X 15” H X 10.6” W
  • Kit includes power filter and a hood with LED lights
  • Also includes water conditioner, fish food and setup guide

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit


Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

Looking for a vertical fish tank for your betta? This Marineland aquarium is a compact size that fits well in small spaces, but you won’t want to hide it. The elegant design, with a clear glass lid and blue and white lighting, adds a modern touch to any room. Plus, it’s made of glass, setting it apart from typical acrylic betta fish tanks.

  • 5-gallon aquarium
  • 11.8” L X 16.8” H X 11.8” W
  • Daylight and moonlight LED settings
  • Adjustable, three-stage filter and media included

Imagitarium Freshwater Cube Aquarium Kit


Freshwater Cube Aquarium Kit

This is another square fish tank from Imagitarium with a different look. The white border at the top and bottom highlight what’s in between—all the hard work you put into your betta fish tank.

  • 5.2-gallon aquarium
  • 12.52” L X 12.83” H X 9.45” W
  • Bright LED lighting to spotlight your fish
  • Built-in filtration system

GloFish Hinged Cycle Light and Hidden Filtration Aquarium Kit


Hinged Cycle Light and Hidden Filtration Aquarium Kit

With four lighting modes—sunlight, twilight, moonlight and midnight—and a tall, seamless, curved-edge design, this aquarium shows off any betta but makes GloFish bettas look especially impressive. Accent it with fluorescent plants, gravel and décor to light up any room with glowing goodness.

  • 5-gallon aquarium
  • 11” L X 16.25” H X 11” W
  • Includes hidden three-stage filtration system with adjustable flow
  • Hinged LED light for easy access

Aqueon Ascent Frameless LED Aquarium Kit

Best Frameless Betta Fish Tank:


Ascent Frameless LED Aquarium Kit

This frameless betta fish aquarium with a black background gives you a full view of your fish from almost any angle. The slanted top minimizes the visible water line while the canopy design hides the LED lights and focuses on your beautiful betta.

  • 10-gallon aquarium
  • 18.75” L X 15.75” H X 10” W
  • LED lighting, filter and media included
  • Also comes with starter fish flakes and setup guide

Imagitarium Frameless Freshwater Aquarium Kit


Frameless Freshwater Aquarium Kit

Square fish tanks take up less space on small surfaces than rectangular options and often fit well in the corners of desks or counters. This aquarium has an LED light over the top and a clear glass lid for excellent viewing. It makes a great office fish tank or a beautiful addition to your home.

  • 6.8-gallon aquarium
  • 13.75” L X 14” H X 12.25” W
  • LED light with day and night options
  • Powerful internal filtration system included

Imagitarium Freshwater Aquarium

Best Betta Fish Tank for Price:


Freshwater Aquarium

If you only need a betta fish tank without any extra accessories, check out this option from Imagitarium. With its curved, seamless design, easy-access black lid and blue and white LED lighting with day and night options—it’s anything but basic.

  • 5.2-gallon aquarium
  • 16.5” L X 12.5” H X 9.7” W
  • Made of shatter-proof acrylic
  • Includes one C filter cartridge

Imagitarium Semi-Hexagonal Aquarium Kit


Semi-Hexagonal Aquarium Kit

When it comes to cool betta fish tanks, it’s hard to beat unusual shapes. All your guests will comment on the fun look of this semi-hexagonal aquarium from Imagitarium. At just under 7 gallons, it can be the perfect fit for your betta fish.

  • 6.7-gallon aquarium
  • 18.25” L X 12.75” H X 11.25” W
  • LED lighting with seven color options
  • Also includes power filter

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FAQs About Betta Fish Tanks

A single betta fish will need at least a 5-gallon tank in order to thrive. A 3.5-gallon tank can also work, but you’ll need to change the water more frequently, and your betta may not be as happy as they would be in a larger tank. Want to keep more fish? While male betta fish need to be solitary, you can usually keep groups of about four females together in a 10-gallon betta fish tank or keep one betta fish with other coexisting fish like cory catfish or kuhli loaches.

To clean a betta fish tank, you’ll need a siphon, bucket, scrubber and water conditioners. First, scrub any algae off the side of the aquarium with the scrubber. Then siphon out about one-third to one-half of the water into the bucket, making sure to use the siphon as a vacuum to suck up any waste trapped in the gravel.

Take out any décor and rinse under warm tap water, scrubbing off any algae—do not use soap on décor. Put them back in the tank and add pre-conditioned water until the tank is full again. Most 5-gallon fish tanks will require a partial water change once a week.

The number of fish you can keep in a 5-gallon tank varies by species. It is recommended that you only keep one betta in a 5-gallon fish tank, especially male bettas, which need to be solitary fish. However, you can have four or five small fish of other species in this sized tank, for example, tetras, gouramis and guppies.

*Based on sales data.