New Adult Dog Guide


Welcome Home Your New Dog

We're here to help them feel right at home with top tips and supplies.


Life Stage:

Adopt your new forever friend

The Petco Foundation brings together animals in need with loving people.

Essentials for a Healthy, Happy Life Together

What to Feed

Start your growing puppy off on the right paw with clean, healthy food that supports body and brain development.

Helping them Learn & Grow

The right supplies and tools, mixed with a whole lot of love, will help you in your new journey.

On The Go

Regular exercise is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Get the right supplies to stay active with your pet!

Healthy for life

We're here to help your new best friend live their healthiest, happiest life.

  • Veterinary
  • Positive Dog
  • Pet
  • Dog

Veterinary Care


    Dog vaccinations


    Flea, tick & heartworm prevention


    Microchip I.D.


    Dental care & cleaning


    Vitamins and supplements, as needed

Positive Dog Training


    Dog socialization


    Dog behavior basics, including "leave it," "wait," and loose-leash walking


    Problem-solving ideas for jumping, barking and digging

Pet Insurance


    Save time and money


    Covers unexpected vet bills from accident and illness


    Compare pet insurance plans and prices in one place

Dog Grooming


    Personalized service


    100% satisfaction guarantee


    Safety always comes first


    7-point Pet Care Check