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WholeHearted offers wholesome, affordable recipes to help your pet feel their best

High-quality ingredients

With animal protein as the first ingredient, you can count on WholeHearted to provide the quality nutrition your pet needs.

Priced for every budget

Choose from a variety of recipes at prices you’ll love, including with grains, grain-free, limited ingredients and much more.

By the experts at Petco

Behind WholeHearted is an experienced team of veterinarians and nutritionists who carefully craft every recipe.

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Dog food

Whether your dog is a puppy, adult or senior, we have recipes for a range of ages and needs.

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Dog treats

Treats are an important part of every dog’s day. Whether you’re training or topping their kibble, our treats cover a variety of needs.

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Dog toppers

We understand that some dogs can be choosy. That’s why we offer toppers that add nutrients, flavors and more to every meal.

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Cat food

Find the right food for your cat so they enjoy every meal. From wet to dry, our cat food has flavors, textures and nutrients for every preference.

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Cat treats

Not every cat loves the same type of treat. That’s why we have a variety of forms and textures, whether they prefer chewy, crunchy or soft.

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Cat toppers

Toppers have broths that help your cat stay hydrated and include extra flavors and nutrients for a complete and balanced meal.

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Starts with real animal protein as the first ingredient and has probiotics for healthy digestion and omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy skin & coat.

Wholesome Grains

These recipes start with real meat and are formulated without corn or wheat.

Active Performance

High-protein recipes designed to provide energy and help build muscle with 89% of protein from animal sources for active dogs.


Crunchy kibble mixed with tender protein shreds for a delicious taste and texture so they look forward to every meal.

Small Breed

Starts with real animal protein and has special-sized kibble for small jaws to help maintain strong bones and reduce tartar, plus has nutrients for growing puppies.

Healthy Benefits

Made with real, wholesome ingredients that give your pet the specialized nutrition they deserve to help address common health concerns, like excess weight and poor digestion.


Limited Ingredient

Includes eight or fewer key and recognizable ingredients in every recipe for pets with known sensitivities.


Made with ingredients you can trust

Every recipe has quality ingredients that help ensure your pet always feels their best.

Starts with real animal protein

Real meat with no corn or wheat helps ensure a balanced, healthy meal in every bite.


Every dry recipe includes canine or feline probiotics to help support your pet’s digestion.

Enriched with vitamins and minerals

Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants help support immunity and a shiny skin & coat.

Want to switch your pet to WholeHearted?

Make sure to transition them slowly to help prevent tummy troubles.

Old Food


New Food

Days 1-3

25% new food

Days 4-6

50% new food

Days 7-10

75% new food

Day 11

100% new food

Taste test without worries

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