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ZuPreem Birds and Small Animal Food

Whether you’re looking for seeds, fruits, nuts or pellets for your bird—or even food for your ferret—ZuPreem has nutritious and tasty food options for your pets. The dietary needs of your avian pets can significantly differ depending on their breed and size, and it’s estimated that an improper diet causes up to 90% of bird diseases. A diet consisting only of seeds can be appealing to pet parents and birds, but seeds alone—even vitamin-enriched seeds—typically don’t provide enough nutrition for birds.

FAQs About Zupreem Birds and Small Animal Food

Zupreem bird food is fortified with nutrients to help your feathered friends maintain a balanced diet based on their size and breed. It often contains less fat than seeds alone and is made with natural whole grains from North America. Zupreem also provides pet parents with food options for different nutrition levels—from nutritious, everyday foods to snacks with tasty treats to fun foods like Zupreem Pure Fun that should only be provided occasionally.

Seeds and pellets both offer good nutrition that your bird needs to function, but the majority of pellets provide more of the vitamins and minerals that can keep your bird hearty. However, many birds prefer seeds to pellets, so seeds can be a good option as an occasional treat or add-on for your winged pet’s meal.

Zupreem Smart Selects helps provide balanced nutrition for specific bird breeds—including parakeets, cockatiels, canaries and macaws. With lower levels of fat and sodium, these nutritionally balanced blends can be ideal for everyday feeding. They contain no sunflower seeds—a food notoriously high in carbohydrates and fats and low in nutrients. In addition to seeds, Zupreem Smart Selects include Smart Pellets fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that seeds often lack but that your bird likely requires as part of a wholesome diet. Each bag contains different ingredients depending on the size and breed of your pet.

Seeds can be the preferred food of many birds, but they can often provide inconsistent nutrition when it’s the primary staple of their diet. For pet parents who want to offer a solid dietary base for their pets in addition to fruits and seeds, Zupreem Natural Pellets feature vegetable-flavored fortified nutrition available in all Zupreem bird food. Zupreem Nut Blend is also made of nutritious pellets but with a nut shape and flavor that can be easier to eat than regular nuts.

Some of the best parrot pellets cater to this bird’s tastes in fruit. Many parrots eat fruit naturally in the wild, so pellets—like Zupreem Parrot Food with FruitBlend Flavor—can help provide the essential nutrition with fun fruit shapes and flavoring. Of course, you can also supplement fruity pellets with real nuts and fruit like the ones in Zupreem Pure Fun.

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