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Shop for Zoo Med reptile, fish, bird and small animal products at Petco and discover new ways to customize and take care of your pet's terrarium, tank, cage or habitat. Although Zoo Med has a wide range of products, their true passion is for herpetology, also known as the study of amphibians and reptiles. Started by two young college friends in a one car garage, over their almost 40 year history Zoo Med has grown to include a team "full of hobbyists, biologists and engineers who enjoy making the best reptile products on earth!"

Zoo Med's selection of pet care products include supplements, food, and water conditioners, so you can meet their dietary and hydration needs. They also have lighting that can mimic desert, warm ocean, coral and daylight sun glows. These lights and lamps help your pets feel at home and help prolong their health by keeping their habitats at an ideal temperature when paired with one of Zoo Med's Digital Thermometer and Day Night Timer products. And because a reptile or amphibian terrarium would be nothing without the proper terra or earth, Zoo Med also has a wide range of substrates, sands, and mosses. For added privacy, Zoo Med also offers hideaway products, so your pets can get some shut eye in the shade. If your pet is used to a more humid habitat, Zoo Med also has an Automatic Terrarium Mister product, so your tropical friend can enjoy a spray of moisture as often as they need it. To ensure your pet has a safe and clean environment, Zoo Med also offer filters, scoops and non-toxic sprays. In addition to their long history of providing herpetology enthusiasts with pet solutions, Zoo Med has also strived to be on the forefront of green practices in hopes of influencing other pet companies to do what they can to help protect our planet.

Explore the Petco selection of Zoo Med products and learn more about keeping a healthy, happy habitat for your pets.

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