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You & Me Pet Products

Dog, cat, ferret, bunny, guinea pig and more—whatever furry or feathered companions share your home, they need plenty of accessories to help keep them happy and comfortable. You & Me is a popular pet accessory brand sold at Petco. You & Me products run the gamut—from purr-inducing cat condos to spacious bird cages, bunny leashes and You and Me dog products. Whatever your pet needs, it’s likely that you can find You and Me pet products to help answer the call.

FAQs About You and Me Pet Products

You and Me products like multi-story cat condos can allow your cat to perform natural behaviors—like jumping and climbing—and help provide your cat with exercise and mental stimulation. Some cats—especially those with a more reserved personality—may want a place where they can feel cozy and protected. For these felines, a round cat condo with a hidey-hole could be the right choice. Many condos offer multiple features—including platforms, hidey-holes, scratching posts, dangling toys and perches—which can help fulfill all your cat’s moods or offer something for multiple cats. Take a look at all You & Me cat furniture.

You should always consider the size, wingspan and personality of your feathered friend when shopping for the right bird cage. In particular, taller birds will often require high cages, so make sure the cage is tall enough to give your bird full tail clearance.

Find a wide enough cage to allow your pet to fully expand their wings so they have room to stretch. If possible, invest in a cage that is large enough to allow your bird ample space for limited flights. You & Me pet products include many great bird accessories, including bird cages. Take a look at all You & Me bird cages.

A You and Me dog crate can sometimes be a helpful tool to house-train your dog. In fact, many vets and trainers strongly encourage crate training. Dogs have a strong denning instinct and may often feel comfortable in a quiet, cozy place. Just make sure to add towels, cushions or a dog bed to the crate to help keep your dog comfortable and not leave your dog in the You and Me dog kennel for too long. Puppies shouldn’t be in a crate for more than two or three hours at a time. Take a look at You & Me dog crates and kennels.

The right furniture can help keep your small pet comfortable in their enclosure and provide them with mental and physical stimulation so they can lead an enriched life. Each animal’s needs are different, but most small animals may appreciate a soft bed. Ferrets are also known to snooze in hammocks. Small animals also tend to enjoy a cozy, quiet space, so a tunnel or hideaway could be a good feature to add to your pet’s enclosure. Finally, many—but not all—small animals love to run. A wheel or play structure can sometimes be a great addition to an enclosure of mice, rats, gerbils or hamsters. Check out all the You and Me pet products, plus You & Me small animal sleepers and hideaways at Petco.

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