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Vetri Science Laboratories

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Vetri-Science Laboratories Pet Treats and Chews

Over the past 40 years, VetriScience has become one of the most trusted names in the field of animal health and wellness. A leader in research, innovation and veterinary expertise, VetriScience Labs develops science-backed supplements designed to help companion animals large and small live better, healthier lives.

FAQs About Vetri-Science Laboratories Pet Treats & Chews

Yes! For over 40 years, VetriScience has developed leading-edge animal health supplements using pure and highly researched ingredients to address condition-specific health issues in companion animals. The company was one of the first to earn the prestigious Quality Seal of the National Animal Supplement Council for its strict compliance to quality control standards.

Whether you’re looking for supplements or solutions to help your dog, cat or bird, Petco is your one-stop shop for trusted VetriScience products targeting a range of health and wellness issues. Shop our online selection today and choose Repeat Delivery at checkout to ensure you don’t run out of VetriScience when your pet needs it most.

Clinical studies show that Composure works within 30 minutes and lasts up to 4 hours, making it a great solution for temporary stressors, like thunderstorms, fireworks or vet visits.

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