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Under the Sun

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Browse and shop for Under the Sun dog & cat food & treat products

Under the Sun products are specially formulated with quality ingredients for dogs and cats of all ages. The Under the Sun brand is committed to your pet's health, happiness, and well-being. Using ingredients from “under the sun,” their products include a variety of formulas including grain-free and weight management recipes.

Under the Sun dog food products begin with high quality pork meal as a high-protein base, and add chicken, lamb, or salmon to create a great tasting recipe that dogs of all ages love. Under the Sun dog food is available in dry and canned varieties, and include a wide selection of grain-free flavors for pups who prefer a protein rich diet. Under the Sun Weight Management formula is specially crafted for pups who need to shed some pounds and keep to a well-rounded, wholesome diet, rather than rely on filler-rich foods.

Under the Sun products also include varieties of specialized cat food, all of which are flavorful, nutrient rich, and grain free. Available in kibble and in wet-food cups, Under the Sun cat food products begin with a high-quality pork meal base, followed by flavorful ingredients like chicken, salmon, and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. With formulas for indoor and outdoor cats, as well as kittens and senior cats, Under the Sun products help pet parents bring home the best in feline nutrition, no matter what kind of cat they own.

Shop Petco for Under the Sun products and bring farm-fresh food home to your favorite furry friend.

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