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Tidy Cats

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Tidy Cats

Trust your cat’s business to the brand that practically invented the business of kitty litter—Tidy Cats. Over 70 years ago, Ed Lowe suggested clay as an alternative to the smelly, messy sand, sawdust and ashes used to fill indoor cat boxes. Ed named his invention kitty litter, then went on to launch Tidy Cats litter in supermarkets everywhere—making it the household name it is today.

FAQs About Tidy Cats Litter

Yes. Tidy Cats litter is one of the best performing cat litter brands on the market. In fact, Tidy Cats is the litter most often recommended and used by veterinarians.

No, Tidy Cats litter is not flushable. Even if a litter is labeled flushable, it can cause plumbing problems. Bag your old litter and toss it in the trash, not in the toilet.

Tidy Cats products can be found online at or at your trusted neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center. Availability can vary, so if you do shop locally, call ahead if you’re looking for a specific formula. Or order online and set up Repeat Delivery, so you don’t run out when you need it most.

Tidy Cats litter is made by Nestlé Purina at the company’s Bloomfield factory in Southeast Missouri.

Tidy Cats Breeze pellets are made of Zeolite, a family of natural minerals that are non-toxic. The pellets are designed to work exclusively with the Breeze litter box system and are anti-tracking and 99.9% dust-free to help minimize mess around the litter box.

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