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Cat eating The Honest Kitchen food. Cat eating The Honest Kitchen food.
Human grade dog & cat food. Try recipes made with ingredients you'd recognize from your own kitchen by The Honest Kitchen! Human grade dog & cat food. Try recipes made with ingredients you'd recognize from your own kitchen by The Honest Kitchen!
Dog eating The Honest Kitchen food.

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The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Pet Food

Bring home human grade pet food from The Honest Kitchen. Built on four principles—honesty, quality, responsibility and joy— The Honest Kitchen has become a brand pet parents trust to meet their pet’s nutritional needs. Dry, dehydrated and wet food are all available.

FAQs About The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Pet Food

Since 2002, when founder and CEO Lucy Postins started making the brand in her home kitchen.

Yes, the crude protein levels are above standard and recipes are made with whole foods that are safe for humans to eat but made for pets.

Yes, The Honest Kitchen pet food meets FDA standards to be classified as human grade.

Yes, The Honest Kitchen foods include taurine from meat sources and as an added human grade supplement.

The Honest Kitchen recipes are made in the USA at a processing facility that is graded for human food.

Absolutely. Mix The Honest Kitchen clusters, dehydrated, wet food or pour overs into your pet's kibble for an extra boost of flavor and nutrients.

  • If your cat isn’t loving their new food on the first try, don’t fret! Sometimes good things can take time.
  • Go slow: Cats can be creatures of habit and may resist change. A slow transition helps them gradually adjust to their new food–and reduces the likelihood of digestive upset. We recommend transitioning cats to our food over the course of 10-14 days (, starting with a pea-size portion and gradually increasing each day, while decreasing the amount of their old food for the best experience.
  • Add enticements: Cats are also led by their keen sense of smell, so including savory toppings like bits of meat or egg can help.. (Pro tip: our Mmmixers are ready-to-eat meaty toppers that are easy to add to your cat’s bowl).
  • Adjust the water content: If feeding dehydrated food, add a little more (or less) water to find a consistency that your cat enjoys. Each cat has their own texture preferences, so sometimes it takes a few tries to find what speaks to your cat.
  • Change their feeding schedule: If you typically leave your cat’s food out all day to let them graze, try changing their schedule to feed them a few times per day, leaving the food out for about 30 minutes each time. Pick up the leftover food, refrigerate if necessary and serve to them at the next feeding time.
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