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Tetra Fish Products

When it comes to solutions for aquatic pets and aquariums, few brands have a reputation like Tetra fish products. Since 1951, this global manufacturer of fish food, water care, décor, aquarium LED lighting, and more has helped pet parents create stunning and thriving aquatic habitats for their pets.

FAQs About Tetra Fish Products

Aquarium water filtration has become a specialty of Tetra fish products, and they offer a wide selection of filtration solutions that can vary from model to model. Tetra fish tank filters are designed to remove three kinds of waste from your aquarium.

Solid waste dirt or debris is removed through mechanical filtration, including sponges, foams, or sieves inside your filter. Dissolved waste like decaying tissue in tap water can be removed through chemical filtration—the most common of which utilizes activated carbon. Finally, biological waste like ammonia and nitrite is removed through biological filtration like bio-balls or Tetra fish Bio-Bag Cartridges.

There are also three types of Tetra fish tank filters pet parents can use. Power filters typically hang on the back edge of your aquarium. Internal filters are usually used for smaller aquariums and sit half in and half out of the water. Canister filters are typically used for larger aquariums and—due to their size—are placed separately from the aquarium in a cabinet or on a shelf.

No, a Tetra water conditioner like AquaSafe will not soften your water. Hard water is characterized by the presence of the minerals calcium, magnesium carbonate, bicarbonate and sulfate. Many fish actually benefit from having some of these minerals in their water and may suffer if they’re removed. A Tetra fish water conditioner is designed to remove chlorine from your aquarium water—which can be highly toxic to your pets.

Ideally, Tetra AquaSafe should be used in new aquariums before you add your fish but should also be used when you change the water or add more due to evaporation. The amount of Tetra water conditioner you use can depend on the variety. Still, instructions for the correct ratio of water to conditioner should be on the back of the bottle. Add the solution to replacement water at the same temperature as your aquarium water and wait for your Tetra aquarium filter to fully cycle all the water in the habitat.

Many pet parents have found that Tetra Water Clarifier. helped them clear their cloudy freshwater aquarium water. It’s safe in soft water conditions—the dosage may vary depending on how soft—and can help clump particles together so your filter’s regular operation can remove them. Their line of Tetra pond fish treatments also includes a water clarifier that has helped satisfied pet parents clear their murky outdoor ponds. However, Tetra fish products offer a satisfaction guarantee for their water clarifier, so you can contact them for a refund if the results do not convince you.

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