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Shop for Star Wars products at Petco and get into the spirit of that galaxy far, far away. Whether you think your pet has Yoda ears, an Ewok face, or the courage of Luke, Leia, and Han, we have the Star Wars cat or dog harness, leash and collar products to proudly display and celebrate your fandom every day of the year. You can even incorporate a little BB-8 love with our Star Wars dog ID tag.

Come Halloween, con season or even May the 4th, your pet can also rock one of the many Star Wars cat and dog costumes or apparel products available in store and online. And when it comes for playtime, your spunky pet can choose between the Dark and the Light Side by battling it out with our growing collection of Star Wars cat teasers, dog flyers, plush, and chew toy products. If your pet needs to hit lightspeed to another galaxy, dog park, or the vet, we have a Star Wars themed carrier product to get them there safely.

Should your pet want to hit up the Cantina or kitchen for treats, there are also Chewbacca and Vader themed treat jars to hold rewards for good behavior. And when it’s time for your furry Jedi to settle down for a nap, our soft and supportive Star Wars hideaway beds will help them take off into a restful sleep. May the Force be with you and your pet as your browse through the growing variety of Star Wars costumes, toys & products available now at Petco.