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Sojos dog food and treats are made in Minnesota with nutrient-rich superfood ingredients. The menu of delicacies from this American brand includes pre-mix food, complete recipe food and dog treats. Your pets may also love Sojos freeze-dried dog food that is so flavorful without sacrificing optimal nutrition.

FAQs About Sojos

Yes. Depending on which Sojos dog food you choose, it may require some additions. The Sojos pre-mix dog food blends come with veggies, fruits and other ingredients but require the addition of raw protein. You can add chicken or pork to the provided mixed blend—or any protein that your dog loves.

The bags of complete dog food from Sojos require water and a bit of mixing. In just a few seconds, they are ready to serve. Sojos dog treats are ready to go straight out of the bag, including freeze-dried treats and peanut butter and jelly flavored mini-treats.

Many Sojos pet food recipes are grain-free. These options don’t include wheat, rye, barley or other common grains. While not all dogs are intolerant to grains, some are, and many dogs may benefit from a grain-free diet. Instead of including grains, Sojos uses an all-raw ingredient recipe in many of its dog foods and treats. Grain-free options from Sojos are labeled clearly.

Many Sojos dog food blends are also gluten-free. Gluten is a common bonding agent. This means that in addition to containing no grains—the most common source of gluten—these recipes also contain no sources of gluten. This includes soy and oats. Look for the gluten-free label on Sojos dog food and treats if you want to eliminate gluten from your pet’s diet.

You can supplement your pet’s regular diet with dog treats, but most vets recommend that you limit treat intake to 10% of their daily caloric intake. Once you calculate how many calories your dog eats per day, you can determine how many treats would be appropriate. Sojos treats can be used for obedience training, potty training or given out just because you love your pup.

Sojos dog food is designed to help your pet’s skin, coat and immune system. It offers fresh, raw ingredients that can be easier to digest than food with a lot of grains or filler ingredients. Sojos uses real fruit and vegetables in their dog food recipes, including cranberries, apples, broccoli and sweet potatoes. When combined with plenty of hydration and an active lifestyle, Sojos may contribute to your pet living a happy and healthy life.

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