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Rachael Ray Nutrish

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat and Dog Food

Nourish and nurture your pet like the furry family members they are when you serve up Rachel Ray Nutrish dog food and cat food. Every recipe is inspired by Rachel’s kitchen and made with wholesome, real ingredients—so you know it’s good for your pet, too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat and Dog Food

You can buy Rachel Ray Nutrish dog food and cat food at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or online at, where we carry an extensive selection of delicious Nutrish options for dogs and cats of all ages, sizes and stages. Save when you shop online with Repeat Delivery and always stay stocked up.

Yes. Nutrish recipes contain simple, wholesome ingredients like real meat and veggies and never any fillers. Every ingredient is thoughtfully selected and has a unique purpose to make both a delicious and nutritious product.

Yes, Rachael Ray Nutrish pet food offers a variety of grain-free pet food options for both dogs and cats. Rachael Ray worked with a team of pet nutrition experts to develop grain-free recipes that are 100% complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of all sizes and all life stages. Each recipe is made with simple, natural ingredients, added vitamins and minerals and doesn't contain any grain, gluten, or filler ingredients.

Yes. Rachel Ray Nutrish pet food is made from specially crafted formulas backed by 80+ years of focused excellence in pet nutrition. In addition to holding their ingredient suppliers to rigorous qualification standards, the brand also employs independent third parties to assess and audit the food safety programs at each manufacturing facility.

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