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Online at Petco.com and in Petco stores. You can also shop online and pick up your order at your neighborhood Petco, or sign up for Repeat Delivery.

Purina crafts 99% of their pet products in the U.S., in their own factories by their own associates. Purina sources the majority of their ingredients in the U.S. from trusted suppliers. Please learn more about cat and dog food recipes, treats, snacks and litter at petco.com/purina.

    Nestlé Purina PetCare Company proudly owns and produces all Purina pet foods.

Yes, Purina offers a variety of grain free recipes. Please learn more about cat and dog food recipes on petco.com/purina.

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Purina was founded in 1894 and has been pioneering pet nutrition ever since. A company invested in quality and affordability, Purina believes in pushing the science behind pet nutrition and employs a team of over 400 scientists to develop the latest formulas, as well as test current blends for optimal nutrition. As one of the leaders in the pet food industry, Purina is committed to the longevity of pets everywhere. In fact, in 2014 Purina donated nearly 6 million pounds of Purina brand products to over 940 animal welfare organizations across North America.

Purina’s brand offerings are vast, from wet puppy food to dry, adult cat kibble and more. Their extensive selection is part of what makes them one of the leaders in the pet food industry. Treats such as Beggin’ Brand are top sellers because pets simply love the delicious bacon flavor. Fancy Feast is a well-known cat food selection and is made to specially cater to the high-protein diet cats need to remain healthy. Unlike some brands, Purina boasts the importance of grains in pet nutrition and explains why many dogs and cats rely on the nutrition from grains to live full and healthy lives. Purina isn’t about following trends, they’re focused instead in creating a well-balanced formula that feeds the every-man’s-dog and avoids crafting second-rate products just to stay on trend. Purina holds firm in its nutritional standards, which is what makes it a reliable Petco partner.

In addition to pet nutrition, Purina also offers a selection of specialty pet products such as Tidy Cats Kitty Litter and Second Nature Dog Litter for indoor-potty-trained dogs. These specialty products are just one way Purina goes above and beyond for pet owners by providing 360-degree pet care that stands out from the crowd.

Shop Petco’s selection of Purina products and rest easy that your pet’s nutrition is coming straight from one of the most world renowned industry leaders.