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PetSafe Wireless Fences, Collars and Pet Products

PetSafe doesn’t just create innovative products that improve the lives of pets and people. PetSafe solutions help deliver peace of mind, so we can enjoy more time with our pets. And at Petco, you can find the trusted PetSafe designs products you’re looking for across a range of categories.

Frequently Asked Questions About PetSafe Wireless Fences, Collars and Pet Products

This will vary depending on how often your dog tests the boundary. In most cases, Pet Safe collar batteries will last one to three months and in some cases up to six months. To get the most out of your PetSafe collar, turn off the product when not in use and test the battery at least once per month to ensure it’s working effectively.

First, choose a location on the ground floor of your home that’s dry, well-ventilated, and near a standard wall outlet and plug in your wireless fence transmitter. The transmitter functions as the center of the circular containment area, so choose a location that works with the boundaries you’d like. Next, test the containment area by turning on the transmitter, holding the test light tool to the contact points on the receiver collar and walking away from the transmitter. Listen for a tone, which indicates the boundary of your containment area. To adjust the boundaries, use the boundary switch on the transmitter, or move the transmitter itself.

PetSafe makes a variety of collars, from receiver collars that work with electronic fencing to bark collars that use spray, static, vibration or ultrasonic tones. To ensure the proper setup and correction levels for your pet, please carefully read and understand the user guide for your specific collar.

Yes, with the proper installation and training, PetSafe wireless dog fences create a circular containment area for your pet up to 180 feet in diameter, wherever you need it. With wireless fence systems, there’s no need to dig or bury wires, so they’re easy to set up in one to two hours. Remember, training is essential to make any electronic barrier work, and static products should not be used on pets that are aggressive, sick, pregnant, or under 6 months old.

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