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ORIJEN Cat and Dog Food and Treats

Nourish your dog or cat the way Mother Nature intended with ORIJEN premium pet food. Every protein-packed ORIJEN recipe is built from whole prey ingredients just like the ones that fueled your pet’s ancient ancestors. With ORIJEN dog food and cat food from Petco, you can be sure you’re getting biologically appropriate recipes dogs and cats have evolved to eat.

FAQs About ORIJEN Cat and Dog Food

Shop right here at Petco to feed your pet the way nature intended. You can place your ORIJEN order online at or browse the selection at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center to discover wholesome, biologically appropriate recipes your pet will love.

Yes, ORIJEN cat and dog food is grain-free to mimic the evolutionary diet your pet was born to eat. That means recipes contain no cereal grains or gluten and only biologically-appropriate, low-glycemic, highly digestible carbs like lentils, pumpkin, leafy greens and fresh fruits.

Yes. ORIJEN dog food nourishes your pet with recipes featuring up to 90% quality animal ingredients, just like nature intended, plus smaller amounts of fresh whole vegetables, fruit and botanicals. ORIJEN recipes do not include grains or gluten, which are common ingredients in conventional pet foods. Every biologically appropriate ORIJEN dog food recipe is developed with the help of animal food scientists, nutritionists and veterinarians to ensure your pet will thrive.

Yes. ORIJEN recipes are proudly made in the company’s state-of-the-art DogStar Kitchen, under conditions that exceed many of the standards set in the human food industry. ORIJEN uses a track-and-trace system to store information about every ingredient and process, so individual lots can be traced back to specific suppliers or steps in the production of each recipe.

ORIJEN Dried and Freeze-Dried pet foods are made by Champion Petfoods in a company-owned kitchen based in Kentucky. ORIJEN canned foods are produced at a trusted facility, with oversight by the company’s in-house Research and Innovation specialists.

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