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Spend $100, Get $30 off


Spend $100, Get $30 off


Spend $100, Get $30 off


Spend $100, Get $30 off


New Cat Condos

All cats deserve to be treated like royalty, and a New Cat Condo is basically a throne. New Cat Condos makes some of the best cat condos, cat trees and towers, cat scratching posts and more that can be climbed, scratched and jumped on. They also have cat steps and ramps for your kitty to get up to their favorite place—whether that’s the couch, your bed or any other raised location.

FAQs About New Cat Condos

Cats have different personalities, and as any cat parent can tell you—they are often unpredictable. Many cats enjoy climbing and jumping on furniture, so cat condos can be great for active cats of all ages. Consider placing your cat condo near a window, so at least one of the perches is in the sun.

Each cat condo is different. You can find a cat condo for large cats with a cat condo perch and between 1 to 4 different levels. A cat condo tower can contain multiple perches in all shapes and sizes. Some cat condos also have cubbies near the bottom where your pet can crawl in and sleep.

As your cat ages, be mindful that jumping and climbing may become uncomfortable for their joints. You may want to switch to a shorter model for cats who can no longer climb as high.

The good news about a cat condo is that it’s easy to assemble. A New Cat Condos basic design usually includes between 1 and 4 posts attached to a base. Once the basic structure is complete, all that’s left to do is install the perches in-between posts as instructed. Like all cat furniture and scratchers, the hours of play and sleep your cat gets out of a cat tower will far surpass how long it takes you to put it together. Follow the instructions that come with your New Cat Condos cat tree.

Cats can safely climb and explore a cat condo. Cats with nails can easily latch into the rope and carpet on cat condos, and even cats without nails can hop around. Most cat condos are only a few feet tall, so your cat is safe to jump from even the top level.

Cats scratch to remove dead parts of their nails, to express frustration or to mark objects with their scent. Even cats who have been declawed will often instinctually act out the ritual of scratching.

New Cat Condos makes excellent cat scratching posts. Often, cat scratching posts will be inherent in the design of a cat condo or cat tree by a rope wrapped around the posts. Most cats will use these posts to scratch, which can help spare your furniture from damage.

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