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Natural Balance boasts that their products provide “The Food for a Lifetime.” Founded in 1989 in California, Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Food products are made up of several carefully selected formulas, which feature high-quality meats and unique proteins, complex carbohydrates and nourishing fruits and vegetables. The Natural Balance selection of products reaches almost any diet. From grain free to healthy weight, there are even vegetarian Natural Balance products available.

By dedicating themselves to crafting a lifetime of pet nutrition, Natural Balance has crafted nearly every pet food product imaginable. Specialty varieties include Natural Balance products to support pet pregnancy, skin and coat health, oral care, and options for less active or senior dogs and cats. Thanks to their well-researched nutrition, pet parents can feel secure in the knowledge that the formula they are purchasing is exactly what their pet needs-- no guesswork needed, it’s right there on the label.

Natural Balance also offers natural ingredient treat products for dogs and cats in a selection almost as wide as their food options. Treats that focus on dental health, joint health, and limited ingredient diets are all available under the Natural Balance brand. Treats are excellent for training or pill administering, and Natural Balance makes it easy for pet parents to reward their dogs and cats with a healthy, specially formulated products. No guilty pleasures here! Pet parents can have confidence that the treats they offer their pet are healthy, wholesome, and crafted to cater to even the most unique dietary restrictions.

Petco is proud to offer their selection of Natural Balance Pet Foods. Shop today to find the perfect nutritional formula for your pet.