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Explore Petco's wide selection of Merrick cat and dog products online and in store and discover a brand with a history of keeping it small. In the beginning, it all started with a dog dental treat named Flossie. Today, Merrick's food and treat products feature more than 125 recipes and counting. Although their small kitchen has gotten a lot bigger, Merrick cat and dog food products continue to be made in the same handcrafted, all-natural tradition. In fact, Merrick buys, crafts and creates their own recipes and package all bag and can products in one place. To ensure that every meal delivers their preferred balance of nutrients, Merrick has committed to handcraft each one of their products in closely monitored small batches.

Each of these small batch recipes begin with meat as the first ingredient. Merrick dry food products are made with 60-70% meat, poultry and fish and can guarantee that each bowl has a protein level of 30-38% after cooking. Merrick then adds the exact amount of vegetables, whole grains and fruits their recipe calls for to create balanced cat and dog food products. If your pets have food allergies and sensitivities, they also have a selection of delicious recipes especially catered to their restrictions. You will also find that every canned Merrick food product is grain free and that their grain-free recipes use a high levels of protein from sources like duck, beef and salmon.

Whether you're ready to try Merrick's Back Country Grain-Free Raw-Infused Great Plains Red Meat Adult Dog Food or want switch over to their Classic Real Lamb and Green Peas with Ancient Grains Adult Dog Food, Merrick products come guaranteed by the people who make them. "If you (and your dog) are not 100% absolutely, totally, completely satisfied with Merrick, return it for your money back."