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Shop for Litter Genie products at Petco and discover convenient litter disposal solutions that can help lock away germs and odors in one stealthy system. Litter Genie’s hassle-free solutions for controlling cat litter smells use 3 simple steps to help cut down on daily trips to the trashcan. Simply scoop, drop the clumps under the lid, then pull the handle to lock in used cat litter. Some pet parents find Litter Genie products especially helpful in apartments and basements. Whether your place is large or small, Litter Genie’s cat litter disposal products can easily fit in bathrooms, under the kitchen sink and in other small spaces.

What makes Litter Genie different than a regular trash can is its 7-layer refill bag products and added antimicrobial. Together with the Litter Genie’s lid, these three features trap smells and germs, so you can enjoy a fresher home. Because the pail holds up to two weeks of used litter for one cat, you can also spend more time enjoying the best parts of having a feline. Once you’ve emptied your pail, you can continue to enjoy several more weeks of freshness because all Litter Genie Standard Refill cartridge products last about two months. Simply replace it when you see the black line.

For an upgraded experience, you can pick up the Litter Genie Plus Pail. In addition to providing you with a locked away used cat litter and smells, the Litter Genie Plus Pail has added antimicrobial to inhibit odors caused by bacteria on the pail. If you have one cat, the Litter Genie Plus Refill cartridges can last about 10 weeks. That’s 30% longer than the Litter Genie Standard refill products. In addition to keeping your home fresh longer, The Litter Genie Plus Pail is also available in white, silver, navy and teal to easily fit in with your décor.