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Kitty Mansions Cat Trees

Kitty Mansions is a company founded by fellow cat parents who understand the search for the perfect big cat tree or scratching posts for your purring pet. You might be on the prowl for a cat condo that is useful—providing a place for your kitty to scratch, sleep and save your furnishings from curious claws—and a huge cat tower that isn’t boring or flimsy.

FAQs About Kitty Mansions Cat Trees

If you have a cat on the larger side, it’s important to find a well-made huge cat tree to support their weight and activity needs. If your cat tower is too lightweight or made from flimsy materials, your large cat can easily knock it over. Kitty Mansions cat trees are made from sturdy and stylish materials to fit your kitty’s needs (and weight). If your active, large cat needs a place to not only play but rest easy, these Kitty Mansions cat trees fit the bill, featuring bedrooms, hammocks and plenty of durable places to scratch—that aren’t your furniture.

Cat trees come in a variety of shapes, sizes and features. If you need a giant cat tower, Kitty Mansions offers a variety of large, sturdy and well-appointed styles. Some cat tree designs are nearly 7-feet tall for pet parents that require plenty of space for their furry family members.

Your kitty deserves to have it all, especially when it comes to their cat mansion. Kitty Mansions cat trees are loaded with features that your cat will love. Popular cat tree perks include options like multiple robust scratching posts, comfortable beds and hammocks, watchtowers, toy ropes and more. Popular cat tree designs often provide multi-level platforms to mimic trees and fulfill your kitty’s natural desire to climb.

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