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K&H Pet Products

When it comes to giving your pet a comfortable life, K&H pet products are here to help. The K&H company specializes in creating the most comfortable dog beds, cat beds, dog pads, cat houses and much more. Many K&H pet products feature heating pads to help your cats and dogs stay ultra-warm during chilly days. And for when the dog days of summer hit, a K&H elevated dog bed or a self-cooling pad can help your pet enjoy the warm weather while staying comfortable.

FAQs About K&H Pet Products

K&H offers a wide variety of dog beds, so it is best to carefully read the instructions on your bed before attempting to clean it. Many K&H pet beds include a removable cover that is machine washable. Simply unzip, remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine. If you are unsure how to clean your dog bed, make sure the bed is unplugged and wash gently with a damp rag.

Carefully read the washing and cleaning instructions on your K&H pet bed before attempting to clean the bed. Each K and H pet product is different, so cleaning and washing instructions may vary. Some heated beds come with a removable cover that is machine washable. In other cases, you may need to unplug the bed and wash the bed with a damp cloth. Never place electronic equipment in your washing machine.

K&H sells a variety of pet beds and pet pad solutions that offer cooling properties. Elevated beds, K&H pet cots and K&H cooling pads can help pets stay cool by lifting them off warm floors or with their cooling materials used in innovative designs. Some K&H cooling pads are designed to naturally wick heat from your pet and release it into the air. All you need to do is add water, and the pad will do the rest. It does not contain electricity or any toxic gels and does not need to be refrigerated. You can use the cooling pad outdoors or indoors and place it on the floor, furniture or your pet’s bed.

Since K&H sells multiple cooling products, make sure you read the instructions carefully to understand how your particular product works. You can find many top-selling K&H pet cooling solutions above on the Petco website.

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