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Kaytee Pet Products and Supplies for Birds, Fish and Small Animals

Parents of small animals, birds and fish know the rewards of living with these special pets. They also know that their pet’s unique needs require the right solutions to keep them well-fed, well-housed and living their best life. Kaytee pet products include bedding, feed, enclosures and exercise wheels that make their space as beneficial as it is comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kaytee Pet Products

Rabbit supplies and accessories set up your rabbit’s habitat and provide your pet a comfortable place to retreat where they can feel safe. It’s important to your pet’s well-being that they have the appropriate place to sleep, eat and play. From delicious hay treats and manger feeders to soft and absorbent bedding—Kaytee offers the solutions for your rabbit to help them lead a happy life.

Kaytee bedding is made from paper designed for a variety of animals. Clean & Cozy Small Pet Bedding is a soft and absorbent paper bedding for odor control. It comes in lavender scented and extreme odor control varieties. Made from recycled paper trimmings, Kaytee bedding is a soft, virtually dust-free alternative to wood shavings.

Buy your new Kaytee pet supplies and Kaytee accessories at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center and online. You’ll find Kaytee solutions among our selection of bird food and treats, small animal habitat accessories and small animal care solutions.

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