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Jinx. Superfood kibble to fuel your dog’s life. 20+ plant-based ingredients. No corn, wheat or soy.

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Jinx Dog Food & Treats

Jinx dog food is the premium dog food your pup deserves. Your pup will appreciate the high quality lean meat and plant-based ingredients that composes Jinx dog food. Find both recipes with grain and grain free recipes that are backed by years of research and formulated for our modern dogs. This premium dog food is crafted around four key elements:

FAQs about Jinx Dog Food & Treats

Jinx dog food is manufactured in the US. Jinx has vetted dozens of facilities to ensure quality standards and values while meeting GFSI certifications to produce premium dog food options.

Petco is pleased to be the exclusive online retailer for Jinx dog food. Jinx is a natural fit within our dedication to quality nutrition standards for the health and wellness of pets.

Yes, Jinx dog food and treats have been formulated to exceed the minimum standards set by AAFCO.

Yes, Jinx has a rigorous product development and testing process to ensure premium dog food for your pup. Each product also has unique coding to identify and trace it from formulation, ingredient supplier, manufacturing to distribution.

No, Jinx has never had a recall on their pet food products.

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