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Instinct Dog & Cat Food

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Instinct Dog and Cat Food Products

A leader in the field of raw nutrition for pets, Instinct is on a mission to make it easy for dogs and cats to enjoy the science-backed, natural benefits of raw food nutrition, which may impact:

FAQs About Instinct Dog and Cat Food Products

Instinct comes in plenty of varieties, so it’s easy to share the benefits of raw food with your pet. For 100% raw complete and balanced nutrition, choose frozen or freeze-dried raw meals. Boosted raw nutrition options bring the benefits of raw to kibble—choose protein-rich Kibble+Raw, a raw mixer you can add to any meal or raw coated kibble that puts the pure, real nutrition of raw in every piece.

Yes, all Instinct pet foods are made in the USA. The raw recipes—including the freeze-dried raw included on dry kibble—are made in a company-owned facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.

You can buy Instinct raw dog food at your neighborhood Petco store or online at, where we carry an extensive selection of Instinct Raw options and recipes.

Yes, Instinct offers a variety of ways to include raw foods into your pet’s diet. Using Cold Pressure technology, Instinct preserves the integrity of raw ingredients to deliver minimally processed, never cooked, pure nutrition for your pet in both frozen and shelf-stable options.

Instinct recipes are free of grain, corn, wheat, soy and potato, as well as other common ingredients that cause food sensitivities.

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