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Help keep your pet healthy with easy liquid dosing remedies.

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Whether you’re the parent of a bunny, bird, dog, cat or some other furry companion who is sharing their lives with you, you’ll want to keep them happy and healthy. HomeoPet anxiety relief solutions, wellness supplements, coat enhancers, healing creams and other solutions for pets have been designed to bring the benefits of natural remedies to our pets. From cough medicine and dental aids to joint stress relief, HomeoPet makes your pet’s wellness a top priority.

FAQs About HomeoPet

If you’re looking to treat your pet with more natural medical options, HomeoPet travel anxiety and other homeopathic solutions for cats, dogs and other pets can be great options. You can find many of their helpful remedies at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center, or you can order online. Be sure to select Repeat Delivery to take advantage of the extra savings opportunities.

HomeoPet Wrm Clear has been shown to help many pet parents rid their pets of parasites. This HomeoPet dewormer can help remove tapeworms, whipworms, roundworms and hookworms in a variety of pets—like dogs, cats and birds. It doesn’t kill the worms, but it helps your pet’s immune system rid them from their body. And if they suffer from any lingering effects from the worms, this dewormer can aid in recovery and help detoxify their system.

The benefits of this HomeoPet dewormer include a lack of side effects, that it can be used for younger animals or senior pets, it contains 90 doses per bottle, is suitable for long-term use and more.

Some of the symptoms of worms to keep an eye out for:

  • Worms in the stool
  • Shedding worms
  • Scoots on ground
  • If you notice any one of the previously mentioned symptoms in your pet, be sure to consult your veterinarian immediately about the best course of action to take.

    Many pet parents enjoy this homeopathic solution because it is one of the easier dewormers to administer to their pets. Apply the HomeoPet dewormer drops directly into their mouth, water or food three times per day for 14 days to treat worms. To further prevent worms, use it the same way but for seven days. Repeat these administration instructions every 60 days.

    This easy-to-use natural remedy for runny noses provides support to your pet’s nasal and sinus tract. It helps combat a runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes. To administer it to your pet, use one dose three times a day either directly into their mouth, in water or their food at mealtime. It’s the same administration schedule and directions as HomeoPet Wrm Clear mentioned above.

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