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GREENIES Dental Treats

GREENIES dental treats, available for both dogs and cats, are formulated with highly soluble, easily digestible natural ingredients.

FAQs About GREENIES Dental Treats

GREENIES is a line of tasty treats for dogs and cats that are ingeniously designed to simplify tough pet parent tasks. Add GREENIES dental chews to your pet’s dental care routine and GREENIES Pill Pockets to help pet medications go down easier.

Yes, puppies older than 6 months and over 5 pounds can enjoy GREENIES dental treats. They’re specially made with easy-to-digest ingredients and a softer texture to appeal to younger and smaller dogs. GREENIES come in three sizes for dogs: Teenie (for dogs 5 to15 lbs.), Petite (15 to 25 lbs.) and Regular (25 to 50 lbs.).

GREENIES dental treats are made with natural, highly soluble and digestible ingredients that contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients, plus omega-3 fatty acids in microencapsulated fish oil help support healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat. GREENIES Pill Pockets are also made with natural ingredients, plus trace nutrients, to provide a healthier and low-calorie option compared to human food treats.

GREENIES dental treats have a bendable and chewy texture that pets love to sink their teeth into. Once they do just that, that texture helps scrape away plaque and tartar to leave your pet with cleaner teeth and fresh breath. Remember, though, that dental treats are not a substitute for regular cleanings. GREENIES easy-to-use Pill Pockets mask the scent and taste of medicine in a moldable pouch that sticks to the pill, so you can give your pet medicine without struggle.

You can find an appealing selection of GREENIES dcental treats and GREENIES Pill Pockets for dogs and cats of various sizes here at Petco.

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