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Outward Hound Dog Toys and Pet Gear

Have you ever wondered why dogs smell each other's behinds when greeting each other? The reason is glands. Dogs have a set of small glands on each side of the anus. They fill with a liquid. That liquid has a unique smell that is distinctive to each dog. Canines use this unique odor to identify each other. It’s just a natural part of them having an amazing nose.

FAQs About Glandex

Glandex is a digestive supplement for dogs that combines digestive enzymes, probiotics and natural anti-inflammatories all into one convenient dose. It also contains pumpkin seeds, which have a high amount of fiber. Here’s what each ingredient can do for your dog.

  • Probiotic supplements for dogs can help protect their gut flora and strengthen their immune system to help with regularity.
  • Digestive enzymes can help dogs break down and metabolize their food more efficiently.
  • Anti-inflammatory supplements for dogs can help reduce swelling.
  • Fiber for dogs can help with regularity.

Natural expulsion of anal glands occurs from the pressure of your dog pooping. Loose stools and diarrhea can hinder this. Glandex can be good for your dog because it helps firm their stools, reduce inflammation and support anal glands to expel properly. Glandex also makes dog cleaners and wipes for anal gland hygiene.

Glandex is recommended by thousands of veterinary specialists and was developed by leading veterinarians. You should always consult your vet before giving your dog supplements or anything to do with your dog’s health and wellness plan to make sure it is compatible with their unique needs.

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