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FurHaven Pet Products

FurHaven is a brand renowned for high-quality and innovative pet products. These include dog beds, cat beds, dog anxiety solutions, cat anxiety solutions, pet travel and outdoor gear, dog collars, leashes and harnesses, cat furniture and scratchers and much more.

FAQs About FurHaven Pet Products

Each FurHaven dog bed has an orthopedic foam core and a soft and snuggly cover that gives your pet a comfortable, supportive place to rest.

Every FurHaven pet bed is made with one of five different foam filling options so that you can find the perfect mix of comfort and orthopedic support for your pet. 

  • The fiber-filled pillow is filled with 100% recycled loose fiber that your pet can mold into the shape that works for them. 
  • The Convolute Orthopedic Foam is an egg-crate style bedding perfect for older or arthritic pets. The Full Support Solid Orthopedic Foam option supports your pet’s joints, bones and muscles, but as a solid foam slab. These foam options are in the most popular FurHaven orthopedic dog beds. 
  • The last two foam styles are the Memory Top Foam and the Cooling Gel Top Foam. The Memory Top Foam forms to your pet’s shape and sleeping style, which is also great for joint and muscle pain. The Cooling Gel Top Foam does exactly what the name suggests—it cools the sleep surface while providing memory foam support. All foam types are made in the USA and are pet safe.

Caring for your FurHaven pet dog bed couldn’t be easier. All FurHaven dog bed covers are removable and machine washable, and foam cores can be hand washed or spot cleaned. It’s important to check the instructions on the specific FurHaven pet dog bed to ensure you’re cleaning in such a way that sustains longevity. 

Yes, FurHaven dog beds come with a removable, machine washable cover. Follow the instructions specific to your product for best results. 

To wash the bed cover, remove the FurHaven dog bed cover from the foam core and shake out any excess dirt or hair. Next, zip up the cover and machine wash it separately on a gentle cycle. The foam cores should never be machine washed. In some cases, they can be hand- or spot-washed, but check the instructions for your specific product. Washing or wringing out some foam cores can damage their integrity and make a less comfortable bed for your pet. 

FurHaven headquarters is located in Bellingham, Washington, outside of Seattle. All FurHaven pet beds are made in the USA. 

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