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Change your litter less often with Fresh Step® Outstretch™.

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Fresh Step Cat Litter: Clumping, Crystals and Multicat

Fresh Step cat litter provides powerful odor-neutralizing protection that’s a step above the rest. With the advanced power of Fresh Step cat litter on your side, stinky odors, urine, feces and bacteria don’t stand a chance. Because Fresh Step doesn’t just conquer unwanted mess and aromas inside your cat’s litter box. Every Fresh Step formula has groundbreaking benefits that help protect your entire home—from tracking, dust, eye-watering ammonia fumes and more.

FAQs About Fresh Step Cat Litter

Shop online at or browse your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center to find the right Fresh Pet litter for your cat, so you can both breathe easier and enjoy the fresh, clean scents of home.

No. Dispose of used Fresh Step litter and solid waste in the trash. No cat litter—even those marketed as “flushable”—should ever be flushed down the toilet, to avoid costly plumbing complications.

Fresh Step crystals cat litter features the breakthrough technology of odor-trapping crystals, which deliver 30 days of odor elimination, guaranteed. The ultra-lightweight crystals lock-in odor-causing wetness and stop urine odors five times better than the leading regular clay-based litter.

Fresh Step cat litter is part of the Clorox family of brands—which feature many well-known household cleaning and care products.

Fresh Step cat litter is manufactured in the USA at Clorox-owned plants, along with other well-known household brands.

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