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Dr. Race Foster and Dr. Marty Smith are the names behind the Doctors Foster and Smith brand. Founded in 1983, the company started out as a collection of informational product catalogues and has since grown to become the largest direct-to-door pet supply chain in America. Having come from backgrounds in animal hospitals, the team of Doctors Foster and Smith believes in education and empowerment for pet lovers. Doctors Foster and Smith promotes the idea that pet parents are more capable than they think and with a few lessons from the pros, many animal care necessities can be accomplished at home for less than they would have spent at the vet. A constantly growing and evolving brand, Doctors Foster and Smith have made professional quality pet care into their personal mission.

Thanks to their extensive experience, Doctors Foster and Smith have cultivated a vast knowledge of pet health and wellness and craft all their products to serve this purpose. Doctors Foster and Smith brand dog food is developed for the specific life stages of your furry friend. No matter if you want a healthy start for your new puppy or want the best for your senior dog and lifelong pal, Doctors Foster and Smith has a premium product that balances nutrition with great taste.

Doctors Foster and Smith are dedicated to pets and consider themselves a partnership of animal lovers and experts. The Doctors Foster and Smith commitment to pets is apparent in everything they do. From donating land to struggling shelter start-ups, to supporting displaced animals with over $100,000 worth of donations, the care shown by their team is just one of the many ways Doctors Foster and Smith displays their deep passion for everything they do.

The Doctors Foster and Smith brand products cater to pets of all shapes and sizes. Shop Petco for our current selection of Doctors Foster and Smith brand products, and be sure to check back as our inventory continues to grow!