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Carlson Pet Products

Many pets love to roam and explore, and keeping them in one spot can be a challenge. It can be even more challenging to create a contained space for cats and dogs that can improve their mental health. Whether you’re currently crate training, need a pet gate or a pet bed, Carlson Pet Products has high-quality dog and cat solutions for indoors and outdoors. Many of their supplies make great solutions for pets on the go and are designed for convenient storage and assembly.

FAQs About Carlson Pet Products

While Carlson pet gate parts are designed to be put together in a matter of minutes, the assembly can depend on the type of gate you choose. Many of their gates don’t require assembly—simply install them in your doorway, and they’re ready to go. Other models—like some steel and flexi gates—may need a little more work and a few tools to put together. Depending on the model, extension panels will likely require some assembly but should be reasonably easy to fit together. Follow the instructions that come with your Carlson Pet Products purchase.

Some feature pressure mounts that can be used in doorways, while others use brackets that require hardware to mount to your wall. Other Carlson gates are freestanding and only require you to slide two sections of the gate together. Check the assembly instructions that come with your gate for specific installation instructions. Carlson Pet Products makes most of their pet gates simple to install.

While Carlson’s Walk-Thru gates feature different latch designs based on the model, the latches are typically easy for humans to open and shut securely to prevent pet access. Most feature a sliding lever that keeps the door in place for pets and provides easy access for humans. A Carlson mini gate with a pet door can also provide access for your pet with similarly secure latches, while other gates simply slide open.

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