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Canada Pooch Clothes and Apparel

Every breed of dog has a different coat—some dogs have thick coats to defend against the cold or fur that repels water in moist areas. Some dogs also have thin coats if they are originally from countries with hot weather all year round. If you and your pup love the outdoors, extra protective gear for your pet can be essential, and Canada Pooch has excellent options.

FAQs About Canada Pooch Brand

The company’s CEO is Jacquelin Prehogan. She lives in Canada, which is known for its intense cold. She wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoors with her rescue pugs but wasn’t satisfied with apparel options. Thus, Canada Pooch was born.

According to their website, Canada Pooch’s products are all designed in-house at their head office in Toronto, Canada.

That all depends on the apparel you are looking for. Many solutions in the raingear line are either waterproof or water-resistant, as are some select Canada Pooch coats.

The hot pavements boots aren’t waterproof, but they do have holes that are designed to help water drain out and keep their feet cool and breezy. The Wellies, however, are designed for rainy weather, so they are waterproof to keep out the wet.

Items like the cooling vests are actually designed to retain water—this is to help achieve the cooling effect. When you add water, it helps lower their body temperature.

If you’re curious about whether or not the item you are considering is waterproof, make sure to read the description of the product or the tag if you’re in-store.

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