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Blue Carnivora

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Blue Carnivora

Blue Carnivora is committed to creating excellent Blue Buffalo Carnivora cat food and Blue Buffalo Carnivora dog food.

FAQs About Blue Carnivora

Blue Carnivora Blue Buffalo dog food can be good for your dog and is designed with natural, whole foods along with high-quality proteins plus vegetable and fish oils. You can find grain-free varieties, along with wet and dry dog food to provide your pup with a complete, well-rounded diet.

Yes. The Blue Buffalo Carnivora cat food woodland blend wet kitten food is created to fulfill a young feline’s natural instinct to consume a variety of prey. Their kitten food contains 95% animal ingredients, including chicken, turkey, saltwater fish and duck. It includes nutrient-dense organ meat, cartilage and DHA for brain and eye development and a protein-packed recipe to provide your kitten with consistent energy. Plus, it’s a natural kitten food enhanced with vitamins and minerals without any grains or potatoes.

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