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Can dogs and eat avocado? The health benefits of avocados for humans have been known for years, and now your dog can experience the same great flavor and nutrients with AvoDerm dog food. While all dogs can enjoy the goodness of avocado, it can be beneficial for pups who suffer from food sensitivities, skin allergies or could use some extra gloss and shine in their coat. In addition to plenty of avocado meat and oil, other AvoDerm dog food ingredients are high-quality and nutritious to ensure that your pet isn’t getting any by-products or fillers.

FAQs About AvoDerm

AvoDerm dog food reviews by pet parents and pet advocacy groups are very positive. AvoDerm has been in business for over 30 years and is consistently praised for its nutritious ingredients and effectiveness in helping dogs with skin and coat issues. But don’t take our word for it—any online research should return positive responses from many trusted sources. And each of the AvoDerm products for sale on Petco’s website has reviews from Petco’s pet parent customers.

Not all AvoDerm dog food is grain-free, but there are many AvoDerm grain-free dog food options available. In addition to their dedicated grain-free food line, select varieties of other lines like Joint Health and Sensitive Support—like AvoDerm Chicken and Rice for Small Breeds and Advanced Senior Health Lamb and Chicken Meal—do not contain grains.

Breeder’s Choice manufactures AvoDerm canned dog food and dry food. The food is made in their facility located in Irwindale, California.

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