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A&E Cage Company

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A&E Cage Company Bird Cages, Perches and Toys

A&E Bird Cage Company is a trusted, family-operated brand that specializes in bird enclosures and toys. Your bird can enjoy a comfortable space to sleep, eat and play in the right home. Active birds—for instance—may love A&E Cage Company Split-Level Play-Top bird cages. This design can give your pet the freedom to explore multiple zones and exit through the top for added room to play and move.

FAQs About A&E Cage Company Bird Cages, Perches and Toys

A&E bird cages are a popular and well-reviewed brand of bird enclosure. They are made with durable materials that are designed to last. They come in many styles and colors to suit your home décor and the needs of your bird. If your bird enjoys spending most of their time cage-free, an A&E Cage Company Play-Top bird cage might be one of the best options for you. Alternatively, the A&E Cage Company Rolling Play Stand bird stand helps allow birds that prefer to stay inside the freedom to move with you from room to room. These wrought iron and stainless steel enclosures feature a strong welded bar design and industrial strength screw-in casters.

A flight cage for birds is an enclosure that is big enough for your bird to fly for more than a few wing beats. Often good for multiple birds or larger birds, options like any of the A&E Cage Company Flight bird cages help give your bird more room for exercise and movement. Flight cages often come with multiple perches, feeding stations and a stand.

Each bird will react differently to a covered enclosure at night. Many—if not most—birds do well in uncovered habitats if there is adequate quiet and darkness during sleep hours. It’s typically best to monitor your bird’s behavior to see if they become agitated or anxious with or without a cover. Most birds’ important sleeping factors can include a comfortable temperature, the right level of darkness, and an easy spot to rest. Consult a vet who knows you and your pet for sleep advice if you notice changes in your bird’s sleep behavior.

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