Why We Love Black Cats

Black cats often jump to mind when Halloween or superstitious talk arises and can be underappreciated year-round. However, those who own black cats know that they are deserving of more than a month in the spotlight and they have an interesting history to prove it!

History of Black Cats

These sleek felines sure haven't had an easy time getting to this point! Black cats got their historical “bad rap” a long time ago during the Middle Ages. Although, there was prejudice long before when Pope Gregory XI demonized these innocent kitties. Sometime around 1233 A.D., he published the "Vox in Rama" creed, which claimed that black cats were the incarnation of Satan.

Years passed, but the situation for black cats, unfortunately, didn't improve much. From the 15th to the 18th century, they got a reputation for being the evil companions of witches (who were in fact kind old ladies who fed cats). Yikes!

Thank goodness the stigma is finally lifting on black cats. Modern-day pet lovers are more than happy to appreciate these felines for what they truly are—beautiful pets with unique personalities and a rich history that now lends itself to an added air of mystery about them.

Black Cat Superstitions

If you're in the United States, you've likely heard that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck. However, this superstition isn't quite so cut and dry. Worldwide, there are lots of commonly held fantasies and fallacies about black cats that persist even to this day. Fortunately, the majority of them foretell good things will happen when black cats are around. Don't believe it? Check out the different black cat superstitions from around the world below:

Types of Black Cats

Did you know? Black cats are not only a dominant color amongst mixed breeds; many times, they're also purebred. And, although they look vastly different, seal point Siamese cats are genetically black cats! Their only difference is that they have a pointing gene that lets their coloring express itself only on their extremities instead of their whole body. It's not true across the board, but you may notice some black cats you meet have very Siamese-like meows or are quite talkative.

Black Cat Adoption

Today, black cats are treated overall much better than they were in years past, but they still face some modern difficulties. It's most evident in shelters and rescues, where volunteers report the tendency for black cats to get passed over in favor of cats with more eye-catching colors. Not to mention, there are more black cats in the world in general. That makes for a lot of kitties who get lost in the shadows when it comes to adoption time.

Thinking of adding a black cat to your family? Certainly head to your local pet shelter to take a look at these sleek and loving beauties and consider adopting one. A few other reasons black cats could be a welcoming new addition to your family include the below.

If you’re lucky, a black cat will cross your path and you’ll fall in love!

Black Cat Names

Not sure what to name your new black cat family member? Your feline friend is in good – famous – company with many well-known black cats appearing throughout history. Take a cue from these famous felines and consider these black cat names.

Hopefully, now, you’re just as in love with black cats as we are! And, if you do have a black cat, make sure you prepare for Halloween. Many advise keeping your black cat indoors which is also a good idea for all pets in general. The increased foot traffic, noises, and costumes can be frightening to many pets. For more ways to keep your feline safe, check out our Halloween cat safety tips!