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Out and About With Your Dog

Out and About With Your Dog

As the temperature increases outside, so do the number of outdoor activities. Make sure the hot and busy season stays fun and safe for you and your best friend.

Keeping your dog hydrated

A key to making sure you don't have a dehydrated dog is to keep fresh water available at all times. You may not see your dog drinking water very often, but that's all the more reason why it should be readily available when they do decide it's time to stop for a drink.
Moving water tends to feel colder, which is why dogs like drinking water that's in motion (like from the faucet). An automatic water fountain is a great option for keeping your dog hydrated and many have built-in filters to help water stay cleaner than still, stagnant water.

Another way to encourage dog hydration is to have multiple, wide water dishes placed in the areas of your home where your dog hangs out.

Eating for hydration

You can also add water to your dog's food, and provide wet food that contains higher moisture levels.

A cool comb-out

One way you can keep your dog cool in warm weather is to maintain a good grooming routine. Brushing away old hair is like taking off your dog’s sweater. A clean, sleek pooch will feel refreshed on a summer day.

Warm weather walks

If the sidewalk is "hot enough to fry an egg," it's too hot for your dog's paw pads. Since a pair of flip-flops won't fit on your pooch, walk your dog on cooler surfaces like grass or a dirt trail. On extremely hot days, it's smart just to keep your best friend inside with the AC and lots of fresh water.

Beach play is fun, but take breaks

If you wore a fur coat to the beach, you'd likely want a break to cool down too. Keep plenty of drinking water and your dog's travel bowl on hand, and locate a nice shady spot where your pooch can get out of the sun. A beach umbrella works well too.
Anytime your dog is spending time in the sun, apply pet-safe sunscreen to your dog's ears, nose and anywhere else they have bare skin or thin fur.

Kiddie pools aren't just for kids

Running around the yard will be more fun with the occasional doggie dip to cool down. A kiddie pool is a great, low-maintenance option, especially if your dog isn't much of a swimmer.

"More pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year."

Managing the Fourth of July stress

  • Pet parents may love fireworks, but they can be a dog's worst nightmare. More pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Some simple measures can keep your pooch at ease:
  • During the festivities, keep your dog indoors with the windows closed. Make sure your dog's crate or "safe place" is easily accessible. Playing soft music can make your friend feel more comfortable.
  • Don't scold your dog for anxious behavior and resist the urge to talk in a calming voice. This will only confirm that there's something to be worried about. Just act normal, and talk in an upbeat voice. Encourage good behavior by rewarding with treats.
  • Consider the use of calming aids like the Thundershirt or homeopathic remedies designed to promote a sense of calm.
  • Be sure that the information on your dog's ID tag is current. This will ensure the quick recovery of a runaway pooch. If you need a new tag, Petco carries a wide selection of personalized tags both online or in-store.