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How Apparel Can Support Your Dog's Outdoor Adventures

When  pet parents hear the words dog apparel, many of them imagine putting their pup in a bowtie for a holiday party or a tutu for a cute photoshoot. While there's no doubt that a new outfit can make your dog look even cuter than they already are, a lot of pet apparel is functionally designed to protect your dog.

Whether your dog is already a seasoned mountaineer or you're hoping to take your newly adopted pup to the beach for the first time, having the right dog apparel on-hand can help ensure that your next summer adventure is safe and fun. Check out this quick guide to picking out the right gear to support your dog’s time in the rain and summer sun.

Choosing the Right Gear to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

Bonding with your dog through shared activity is an important part of your pup’s social health and wellbeing. And the better they feel in gear designed for the adventure they're having, the greater the odds they'll want to do it again.

Learing a little bit about a few key categories of outdoor pet clothing means you'll be better prepared when you start shopping.

One must-have summer item for your dog’s wardrobe is a set of booties. Booties are designed to protect paw pads from injury. They're a great fit for running, hiking and even just a neighborhood walk.

Booties can help protect your pup’s paws against all the elements:

  • During the Summer Heat: Booties will keep your pet’s paws from burning on hot asphalt and sand.
  • On Hikes: Booties can help protect your dog’s paws from being cut by sharp rocks. This can, in turn, make your dog feel more confident on treacherous terrain.
  • Year-round: Booties are a great pick because they prevent your dog from trapping allergens and bacteria in their paw pads.

Where to Begin:

  • Pawz Boots: These rubber dog boots are waterproof and easily slip on without zippers or straps. They're a great pick for protecting against allergens, bacteria, water, hot pavement and sand. They're also good starter booties since their simple design will mean they're less likely to feel cumbersome.
  • All-Weather Boot: For mountainous or rough terrain, all-weather boots are a must-have. These sturdy boots feature a water-resistant exterior with sherpa fleece lining for warmth. They are also designed with reflective elements for increased visibility at night. While these are robust boots, they offer comfort for your dog and can give them more confidence on rough terrain.
  • At-Home Grooming Supplies: Don’t forget to also stock up on at-home supplies to keep your dog’s paws healthy. A great place to begin is by purchasing a paw balm that will soothe tired paws after a long summer day of activity.

Give your dog a job to do and have them carry extra supplies, like snacks and poop bags, down the trail in their backpack.

Where to Begin:

  • Canvas Backpack: A lightweight option, a canvas backpack is a great pick for your dog’s first backpack. Equipped with a built-in poop bag dispenser and comfortable straps, this backpack will allow your dog to carry a few items on your daily walk without feeling cumbersome.
  • Adventure Pack: For the outdoor enthusiast, the adventure pack is the perfect way to ensure your dog has everything they need for the trails. You can stow away extra food and poop bags to so you and your canine companion are prepared for whatever the hike brings.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for dogs. With a low impact on their joints, this outdoor activity helps them stay physically fit, no matter their age.

However, even the best swimmer should be protected in the water.

Whether you plan to spend a day at the beach or out boating, purchasing a life vest can help ensure your dog stays safe in the water. A life vest is also an excellent way to help acclimate a more timid dog to the water, keeping them comfortably afloat.

Where to Begin:

  • Dog Flotation Vest: Lined with padded foam that supports a natural posture, a dog flotation vest helps keep pups comfortable while allowing them to swim naturally. A contoured handle makes it simple for you to pull your dog out of the water as needed. It's a great pick for boaters.

Since dogs have built-in fur coats, it is easy to assume that their natural coat is enough to keep them protected on outdoor adventures.

However, while your dog's coat does afford them some protection, it’s often not enough to regulate their temperature during rainfall or on particularly windy walks. Coats can help keep your dog dry and comfortable no matter what the weather delivers.

Ultimately, if you choose to add a coat to your dog’s summer wardrobe, it comes down to ensuring their comfort and safety.

Where to Begin:

  • Raincoats: If your dog enjoys a hike through the woods or even just a small stroll around the neighborhood, having a coat handy for rainy days can help them stay dry. Raincoats are water-resistant and often feature visors to protect eyes from driving rain.

Windbreakers and safety vests are another great addition to your pet’s activewear collection.

Windbreakers help block cold breezes and offer additional protection against light rain. Both windbreakers and safety vests are designed with reflective materials, which can help keep your dog safe in the dark on daily evening walks or early morning hikes.

Where to Begin:

Windbreaker: A windbreaker is a great lightweight option for protection against the elements. These jackets are designed to keep your dog comfortable with mesh lining to keep them cool but dry. Additionally, these jackets feature a handy back pocket, where you can stow small items for your next shared adventure.

Safety Vest: Safety vests are a great pick for pet parents who adventure in the woods or take their furry companion hunting. These vests help ensure your dog stays seen while also offering lightweight protection against the elements.

T-shirts and lightweight hoodies are a comfortable choice in almost all weather.

Not only do they help protect your pup against the elements, keeping them warm and comfortable, but they also come in an array of styles. Pick a clever T-shirt or cozy hoodie, depending on your dog’s comfort needs.

Where to Begin:

  • T-Shirts: In warmer months, a T-shirt will help keep your dog protected and cool. This Live Your Wild T-shirt will add a little style to your next outing while keeping your dog comfortable.
  • Jersey T-Shirt: A classic choice, a jersey T-shirt offers a laidback look that is perfect for spring and fall. The lightweight material will keep your dog cool, and the fun style will express your dog’s playful personality.
  • Best Friend Ever Hoodie: Designed with ultra-soft fleece from recycled materials, this hoodie will help keep your pup warm while walking on chillier days while also showcasing the unique bond between you and your best friend.

Get Ready for Every Adventure

Regardless of what adventure lies ahead, prioritize dog clothing built with intuitive details such as pockets, zippers, adjustable sizing, reflective elements for safety and durable fabrics and materials.

If you need further help figuring out what gear you need for your next adventure, check out these adventure guides: