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Containment Solutions

Containment Solutions for Your Dog

Gates, Crates & More

Sometimes dogs need to go out and sometimes they need to stay in. Whatever the occasion, a wide variety of containment solutions are available to suit your needs. Once you determine what kind of containment solution is right for you and your dog, choose the product that is best for your pet's height, weight, strength and habits.

Containment Type Description
Containment Type Doors Description
  • Dog-size doorways with open or closed flaps
  • Allows dogs to move between rooms or inside and outside
  • Variety of mounting options available
Containment Type Gates Description
  • Keeps dogs in one room or part of your home
  • Many are adjustable to fit different room openings
  • Variety of mounting options available
Containment Type Carriers Description
  • Great for safely and easily transporting your dog
  • Variety of sizes, styles and materials available
  • Some are suitable for air travel – check with your airline
Containment Type Crates Description
  • Provides a safe, secure spot for your dog to rest
  • Ideal for crate training
  • Variety of sizes and styles available
Containment Type Exercise Pens Description
  • Portable pens create a space for play
  • Many feature a fold-flat panel design
  • Plastic, metal, canvas and wood options available
Containment Type Outdoor Enclosures Description
  • Solid structures designed for continuous outdoor use
  • Provides a safe, secure place for your dog to enjoy the outdoors
  • Great visibility and airflow to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature