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Dog Grooming Tools

Brushes, Combs, Clippers & Nail Care

Whether your dog's hair is short, long, wiry or smooth, every dog benefits from regular grooming. After a thorough wash with a good shampoo, the right brushes and combs can make the grooming faster and easier for both you and your pet. Find the best tools for your dog's needs.


Brushes can do wonders for your dog's coat. They detangle and remove detritus as well as help the coat look and feel its best. Whether you've got a wiry terrier or a silky spaniel, you can find the right combination of brushes to help your dog look and feel great.

Brush Type Description
Brush Type Bristle Brush Description
  • Versatile brush great for most coat types
  • Longer, loosely spaced bristles ideal for long coats
  • Shorter, denser bristles ideal for coarser coats
Brush Type Pin Brush Description
  • Widely spaced bristles with or without rubber pin heads
  • Great for delicate, long and flowing coats
  • Ideal for wooly or curly coats
Brush Type Slicker Brush Description
  • Fine wire bristles remove tough tangles
  • Can help de-mat undercoats
  • Great for most coat types


Combs are great for making your dog look great every day. Remove loose hair, smooth out the coat, and even reduce shedding with the right combing tool.

Comb Type Description
Comb Type Comb Description
  • Variety of sizes and styles available for different coat types
  • Helps remove tangles and loose fur
  • Gives coats a finished look
Comb Type Shedding Blade Description
  • Variety of sizes available for different coat types
  • Removes loose and dead fur as well as undercoats
  • Helps reduce excess shedding, tangles and mats

Clippers & Trimmers

You've brushed, you've combed, now it's time to shape what's left. If you are comfortable with cutting your pet's coat, clippers and scissors will help you with everything from a little trim around the eyes to a full shearing before summer. Good nail clippers are essential to helping you take care of your dog's nails. Some dogs are active enough to wear down the nails themselves, but many require a little extra help to make sure their feet are healthy and feeling good. If you don't feel comfortable clipping or cutting at home, you can always take your dog to a professional groomer. Your groomer can also help you learn how to care for your pet's coat at home.

Clipper Type Description
Clipper Type Powered Coat Clippers Description
  • Variety of sizes and power options for different coat types
  • Great for touch-up or full-body grooming
  • Pet-safe tools of professional grooming quality
Clipper Type Shedding Blade Description
  • Small scissors for grooming sensitive areas like around eyes or nose
  • Large scissors for coat shaping
  • Specially designed for your pets safety
Clipper Type Nail Care Description
  • Manual clippers feature a sharp blade and dog-safe design
  • Powered rotary grinders file nails quickly and easily
  • Follow manufacturer directions to safely trim dog's nails
  • Keep styptic powder on hand in case the quick gets nicked