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Cat Care Guide

Complete cat care from head to tail

When you observe your new cat throughout the day, it won’t take long to realize that most cats like to groom themselves often. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from a little extra help. Petco carries a wide variety of cat grooming solutions and tools such as shampoo, brushes, nail clippers and more. Some of our stores also offer cat-specific services such as baths and flea relief treatments in our Full-service Grooming Salons. Go to to learn more about our services and contact your local store to see if cat grooming is available.

Cat grooming tips

Brush often. Regular brushing removes loose fur and dirt and can go far in preventing mats and tangles. Be delicate when brushing sensitive areas like their belly and chest since your cat may not like to be brushed there!Most shorthaired cats should be brushed twice a week while ones with longer hair need daily brushing.

Pedicure time. Most cats need their nails trimmed regularly. It’s important to get your cat used to having their paws handled before attempting any nail trims. Play with and massage your cat’s feet daily. Once they are comfortable with it, you can start clipping. Avoid injuring your cat by ONLY clipping the white (or lighter) tip of the nail. Remember, you can always seek professional help if you are not comfortable clipping their nails on your own.

Bathe if you must. It’s no secret that most cats hate water. However, if your cat gets into something sticky or their coat becomes excessively dirty, you may need to give them a bath. We recommend using wipe and dry shampoos to make the process easier. If you would like tou se water, use pleasantly lukewarm water and shampoo especially made for cats. Go slow and be sure not to spray or pour water directly on your cat’s head. Bonus tip: It’s a good idea to trim your cat’s nails before attempting any baths!

Complete cat care in action

Enjoy these quick videos to help keep your cat happy, healthy and comfortable in their new home.

Bath time

Tips on making bath time better for both of you.

Trim those nails

How to cut your cat’s nails.

Welcome home.

How to prep your home for your new cat.