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Bringing Your Guinea Pig Home

Bringing Your Guinea Pig Home

Although your guinea pig may appear to desire some serious cuddling, always approach your pet in a gentle and delicate fashion. It’s not uncommon for guinea pigs to be timid when you first welcome them home, so give them time to break out of their shell when starting out.

Some basic supplies you’ll need:
  • A properly sized guinea pig habitat
  • Food
  • Water dishes/bottles
  • Bedding
  • Hay racks with hay
  • Hiding place
  • Vitamin C supplement or Vitamin C enriched treats
  • Chew sticks

From there, it is a wise idea to pick up first aid supplies, guinea pig toys and habitat add-ons.

The first steps

By now you're probably ready and eager to become a pet parent. Get ready by making space in your home for your new addition before picking them up. Remember that out-of-habitat time is important too so, “guinea pig proofing” rooms beforehand is a smart choice.

Don’t forget to prepare your family for their new friend. Your little one will need quiet time and attention for those first few days of socialization, and it’s important that everyone stay on the same page.

Once you have your new guinea pig home, make sure they can stay active and alert with plenty of activities and room to play.

If your guinea pig ever becomes sick, they must be treated immediately because these little ones have a low tolerance for illness. As with any animal, medications and emergency treatments can end up being costly. Always contact a veterinarian if your pet seems sick.