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Should I Make My House a Guinea Pig Home?

Should I Make My House a Guinea Pig Home?

Guinea pigs are like social butterflies, and interaction with your little one is important from the very start. These cuddly creatures are amazingly active, and for a few treats, they’ll gladly perform tricks for your enjoyment.

Despite the benefits and the delight of having a guinea pig, it isn't for everyone. Before you choose your own critter, you should be asking yourself some serious questions.

Do you have the time?

Although relatively low-maintenance pets compared to other pets, you still need to devote time for your guinea pig. Besides providing fresh food, water and Vitamin C, you'll have to do things like trim you furry friend's toenails. Habitat cleaning also takes time, so remember “low maintenance” is not “no maintenance.”

Can your children or other pets adjust?

Most small children love guinea pigs, but the feeling is not always mutual. Kids tend to play too rough for a guinea pig, and gentle play can be a hard concept for small children to grasp, so it is important to always help young children gently interact with their new friend. By the same token, other animals don't always appreciate having another pet around. So use your best judgment when introducing a guinea pig into the family.

Is your lifestyle stable?

Are you in a career that requires you to move frequently? Do you travel extensively, leaving for days on end? Are you uncertain about your future living arrangements? Your answers to such questions are crucial because frequent changes in a guinea pig’s environment can often cause stress, which can lead to mental and physical complications.

Can you afford it?

Guinea pigs are relatively affordable pets. See what you should be prepared for when you bring your guinea pig home.