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How to Make a Dog Leash Hook
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How to Make a Dog Leash Hook

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Some pet parents can be hard to shop for this holiday season. This adorable DIY leash hook for their homes will be a huge hit among the gifts they’ll receive. You can customize this gift with different hardware pieces, wood stains and paint to fit the style of who you’re gifting this to.

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Paint can be toxic for pets, so it’s best to use dog-safe paint. Washable paints designed for young children work perfect for pet paw prints.

We attempted to use a dog paw print for the DIY leash hook and had a little bit of difficulties—like paint paw prints all over the wood floors. Thankfully, the paint was washable so the cleanup was easy. A paw print stencil or stamp may work better for you.

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Once the paint is dry, you can start with installing the leash hook and mason jar to the wood.


  • Piece of wood (most craft stores have already stained wood ready to be crafted on)
  • Hardware hook
  • Screws
  • Dog-safe paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Mason jar
  • Hose clamps (found in plumbing section of any home store or online)
  • Drill
  • And of course, treats!


  1. 1. Dip a dog’s paw in dog-safe paint and place it on the middle right portion of the piece of wood. You want to be sure to have enough room to paint the pet’s name above. Paint the pet’s name or you can paint an initial of the pet’s name like “J” for Jaxx.
  2. Once paint is dry you’re ready to install the hook to the piece of wood. Use a drill to drill in the screws to the wood.
  3. Next, take the hose clamp and place it on the left middle portion of the piece of wood. Drill in two screws to secure the hose clamp.
  4. Once secure, insert mason jar inside of the hose clamp and adjust to mason jar size.